Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Round Up

I am definitely sad to see this weekend go by so quickly.  It was our second annual mom's trip to Club Med in Vero Beach Florida.  One of the moms has a friend who works for them and gets us an amazing deal.  For two hundred dollars we get to stay two nights and three days and the all inclusive and just relax in the sun.  No children or husbands take care of.  Just food, drinks, sun, and laughter.  

We left Friday morning after dropping off the little ones and we were off!  The entire drive up we got caught in rain but luck was on our side and as we pulled up the skies cleared up.  We got our first of many drinks, ate lunch, and quickly headed to the pool.

  I was proud that I woke up early again to work out.  On our way to the gym we saw two dolphins coming into the bay.  Made waking up at 7:30 kinda worth it.  That and since I obviously wasn't keeping my strict diet I at least wanted to workout.  The rest of the day was spent much like Friday. Our only worries for the weekend was if the pool bar by the adult pool was open and getting to dinner on time.  Then at night we would dance the night away (which meant by midnight we were back in our rooms).

Sunday I actually slept in which felt amazing ( I skipped the 7:30 workout) .  We had breakfast, packed up and then headed to the pool to enjoy the rest of time at the resort.  We ended up doing a little water aerobics which was a show in itself.  Unfortunately we had to come back to reality and left around three.  Its great because its only about an hour and a half from home so it was a quick trip back.

Now its back to real life and a busy schedule.  Lucky for me the hubby and I will be heading to Nashville next week for a friends wedding.  I cannot wait for that experience.  If anyone has some suggestions as to what is a must see while there please let me know!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Trends...Nails

One of my favorite things to do is getting my nails done.  Ever since I was little I loved going with my mom.  She would get hers done and most of the time she would let me get mine done too.  I see that my daughter is just like me in that sense.  She absolutely loves going to the salon to get her nails done.  Usually she gets her toes done since her school doesn't allow for them to wear nail polish.  (Welcome to Catholic School!)

As I check off my things to do for my girls trip tomorrow one of the things on it is to go get my nails done.  I thought it only fit to make this weeks trend about nails.  

I am all about doing different designs and colors for my nails.  The more fun the better.  Glitter on one nail? Sure why not!  Thanks to Pinterest my love for designs on my nails has grown ten folds.  For this time around I want to have something pink since October is right around the corner (as in next week!) and I always do something in honor of breast cancer month.  I have gotten a few ideas from Pinterest that I'll show my nail girl, who by the way is AMAZING, and she usually runs with it and makes something up for me.  

Below a just a few of the designs I've done in the past.  I'll post later what I finally decide on today.  Hope everyone has a good Thursday.  Friday is only a day away.

(In honor of Madeline's team)

(For the Fourth of July and USA playing in the World Cup)

(Last years nails for the month of Oct)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

Happy Monday everyone.  This weeks round up is going to be quite short. In comparison to my usual weekends this past one was very uneventful.  Basically it was amazing!  

Friday I didn't have to go down to Miami which was a great way to start the weekend.  Since the hubby is beyond busy with law school and we hardly get to see him, he took some time off and we took the children to have dinner and ice cream.  When we were done he started feeling guilty that he didn't study so he took off to the library but we did get some good family time in.

Saturday was a typical Saturday which consisted of a game and then running errands here and there.  I wasn't feeling a 100% so we staid around the house most of the day.

Sunday I didn't have to wake up early to go to soccer!! I took my time with breakfast and drinking my coffee.  Finally we got dressed and headed to a local park since I felt bad that we didn't too much on Saturday.  We staid there for a bit with friends and then went to have frozen yogurt.  Later that day Madeline had Girl Scouts and then we got home to a lovely surprise.  Daddy was home since he had finished his school work for the week!  We got another great family dinner in.

It is Monday again and I am counting down the hours and second until Friday.  It is my annual girls trip and it is much needed.  Hope it is a quick week for us all.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Trends....Girls Weekend Away

In one week from today I will be finishing up my suitcase and getting
ready for some much needed R&R with my girls.  Which brings about this
weeks trends.

Fourteen of us are going to Club Med in Sandpiper Florida a quick
hour and a half drive.  We went last year and decided to make a yearly
trip of it.  I for one cannot wait to be laying by the pool sipping on
a pina colada with my cute fedora and sunglasses.

The vibe there is very laid back, so heels can stay at home.  Most of the day
is spent in a bathing suit until its time to eat and then you throw on a cover-up.
There is something about white cover-ups that I adore.  I think it is because
white makes you look tanner.  These two white cover-ups below do not
disappoint and had I found the white one from etsy sooner it would definitely
have been in my bag (Am almost identical to the pink one below.  My lettering is
an emerald green so it matches my other luggage).

At night the resort has theme nights.  The usually are white parties or black and
white parties.  Since those two just happen to be some of my favorite shades it
is very easy to pack.  I tend to throw on rompers because they are so easy to
throw on and you can always dress them up or down.  I have a cute white
linen one similar to the one below which I am going to bring.  Maxi dresses
are another most.  They are great to travel in because of the comfort and
at least you arrive looking the part of a vacationer.

This time around we had special 24 oz. tumblers made with our names on
them.  They arrived Monday and I am beyond excited to see how they turned
out.  We ordered ours from etsy from Initial Here Gifts by Brandi.
Of course a picture will be posted shortly.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.  Only one more day!

Girls weekend

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Work Out Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone!  We are one day closer to the weekend and I am one weekend closer to my mom's weekend at an all inclusive!  

I am on week two of my 21-day fix challenge and I absolutely love it!!  My coach told me not to weigh myself until the end so I can't tell if I lost any weight (I"m not trying anyways) but I feel less bloated.

Last week I was able to work out six days which never happens now that my life is consumed with cheerleading.  The workouts are probably one of my favorite parts about this whole thing.  They are just 30 minutes and I get a complete workout.  Who can't find 30 minutes in their life to do a workout?

Since three other friends of mine who are doing the challenge are cheer moms, we bring a laptop and do the workouts while we wait for the girls to finish.  We used to walk while the girls practiced but now as team mom I am constantly having to handle something or another.  This way I can sneak in a quick workout and still have an hour to do team mom stuff.  Its a win-win for me.  

Friday since I went to Miami AND Disney I didn't have a second to spare so I missed a workout and felt horrible (OK, OK, I probably could have woken up earlier to do it but I've said it a million times..I am NOT a morning person).  In my defense I did walk for four hours around Disney so that should count for something, right?

Food wise the most difficult part is prepping my food every night.  To make it easy on myself I have been making salads every day for myself.  I love veggies and fruits and that has been another difficult part through out this process is that I am limited to how many I can have.  If it were up to me my salad would be jammed pack of veggies but I only get three containers worth.  Dinner because of my busy schedule tends to be my shakeology shake.  I was even able to maintain the "life style change" while at Disney and while going out to eat last night with friends.  

I can't wait to continue to see the changes that will happen as a result of this program.  Happy Wednesday all and I hope you have a good rest of the week.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Round Up

I know I am a day late on my usual weekend round up but I wasn't able to sit down and write.  Finally last night when I had a free moment I just wanted to lay down and not have to think.  If someone knows of a magic pill that gives you energy please contact me ASAP!

This weekend was jammed pack with activities but all fun!  After taking my mom to her weekly doctors appointment in Miami, one of my good friend and her three year old son got in the car with my munchkins and we drove to Orlando to go to Disney.  Talk about driving all over Florida on Friday.

We got to Orlando around five and decided to eat dinner before we headed into the park. After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  My family have been going since Madeline was three years old.  This was the first year the hubby couldn't go because of school.  While we missed him terribly, (Madeline reminded us constantly that she was having a blast but wished her daddy was about breaking my heart!) we had a great time with our friends.  It was my friend's first time going to the Halloween event and her son was amazed by everything.  We definitely lucked out on the night we picked because the park was practically empty.  We were able to walk on to most rides.  The longest was the new Seven Dwarf's ride which was only 20 minutes! 

Saturday we ended up going to Animal Kingdom for the day.  It was beyond hot and I have a nice triangle tan line on my back to prove it.  Again we lucked out because Madeline would have missed a game while we were gone but apparently down in South Florida they weren't as lucky with their weather.  

We finished the park around four and drove home afterwards.  Once we got home the kids went to bed instantly.  How they didn't pass out on the car ride home after a whirlwind trip to Disney I have no idea.  I ended up doing a workout for my 21-day challenge since I missed Friday and didn't want to miss two days in a row and then passed out.  

Sunday we had Jonathan's last soccer game of the season.  (YAY I get my Sunday mornings back!)  After the game they had a little party and the kids got trophies.  Jonathan was in Heaven.  Madeline and I then had a birthday party to head to for a bit.  After the party we headed home for a bit and soon enough we were back in the car to go bowling with some friends of mine visiting in from New Jersey.  

The kids had a great time together.  My friend has two boys, a five and two year old, and they got along great with mine.  Jonathan didn't want them to leave and wanted to "take them home" with him.

While I had an amazing weekend I definitely could have used another day to rest.  I am looking forward to this weekend that we only have a game and Girl Scouts.  Nothing in comparison to my usual weekends!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Trends...Skirts long and longer

I am definitely a girly girl.  Which means I will take a skirt any day of the week.
I just find them so easy to throw on and you can either dress them up or dress
them down.

What is even better is that with certain skirts you are able to transition them
into fall and winter.  Lucky for me, I live in Florida where it is skirt
weather 95% of the time.

I am absolutely obsessed with the skirts below.  I am a huge fan of the skirts
that come mid calf.  I bought a beautiful wine colored mid-length skirt from ASOS
last year and I can't wait to pull it out again this year.

I have my eye on that emerald green one below and am thinking of pairing it off
with a cute crop top.  I've been secretly dying to try that trend out but was scared
to try.  I saw a beautiful outfit inspiration today on Pinterest and think it finally
convinced me to do it.  Follow me on Pinterest to see some of the other outfit
inspirations i find.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  It is almost Friday so just hold out
a little bit longer!

Skirts in long and longer

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I cannot believe it is already Wednesday.  I blink and time flies by.  Last week I did OK with working out and horrible with eating.  I knew I was starting my 21-day fix challenge and took full advantage of eating everything I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat once I started.

Thursday night at cheer my beachbody coach and fellow cheer mom/friend brought her daily workout and had us join in.  It was a Pilates like workout I was pleasantly surprised that I worked up a sweat.  The rest of the weekend I didn't have a chance to workout with committee meetings, games, birthday parties, more games, and Girl Scouts.  Sunday evening came along and all I wanted to do was pass out.  Instead I had to prep all my food for the week.

A major part of the 21-day fix is prepping.  Like they say "Fail to Prepare, and Prepare to Fail". So I made chicken breast for the week and saved it in the fridge.  I'm on day three and so far so good.    I am not doing this to lose major weight but since I am at the low end of the calories I don't get many containers.  During this process I have already learned that I ate way to many fruit and peanut butter (but I knew that one).  It is possible to over eat healthy foods and I think that may have been what was preventing me from toning up.  

Yesterday I was a bit hungry. I had used up all my carbs-I'm only allowed two,  and fruits-again only allowed two, so when I got home and was hungry I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I had only protein left which lets be honest who just wants to eat a piece of chicken?  I ended up making two scrambled eggs and added a little bit of goat cheese because I hadn't used up all of my blue container. (blue consists of cheeses, nuts, and avocado)  That held me over until it was time to have my shake as my dinner.

Work out wise I am really enjoying the program.  Monday we did a complete cardio fix workout that included weights.  Yesterday I was definitely feeling it in my abs and gluts.  Last night I did the upper body fix which again I liked.  I desperately need to gain muscle in my arms.  The best part of this all is it is only 30 minutes!  Before you know it, its over.  

Our coach doesn't want us to weight ourselves until the 21 days is over and I'm OK with that.  Especially because that gives me time to go buy a scale being that my lovely son broke ours.  Until next time everyone.  Wish me luck for this weekend.  I am going to Disney for the day with a friend and I'm hoping that I'm manage well enough being off my normal routine.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Round Up

What a weekend!! I'm exhausted just thinking of everything we crammed into it.

Per my usual date with my mom on Friday we headed to her doctor's appointment in Miami.  Traffic as usual sucked but at least we got done early.  Which was perfect since I needed to run errands for Madeline's birthday party the next day.  I was able to go grocery shopping and make a run to Hobby Lobby before meeting the hubby and Madeline, who had early release, for lunch.  After lunch we ran a few more errands before heading home.  Later that night I had a committee meeting for Madeline's cheerleading squad.  It was actually a lot of fun since we all brought things to pick on and wine for the mommies to enjoy.  A few of the girls came too and got to play together which they always enjoy. 

Saturday morning we woke up to a cloudy day.  Great being that Madeline's birthday party was going to be held at a water park.  We headed to her game which was delayed due to the weather.  Of all days for things be be delayed right?  Thankfully her coach let us go early and I was able to run and pick up all the food and cake.
(both squads after check in)

We got to the park right when the lighting alarms were giving the all clear.  Too bad 40 minutes into the party the alarms went off again and we had to exit the water park.  We ended up going over to some picnic tables that were near by and had the party there.  I got rain checks for admission to the water park and got my money back for the pavilion I rented.  The kids of course had fun regardless but I was a ball of nerves.  I was beyond stressed.  Madeline's cake imploded and instead of looking like the cupcake it was supposed to it looked like a giant purple blob.  I also felt bad for all the kids which of course could care less, but nonetheless I felt guilty since some weren't able to go into the water at all.

(The purple blob cake)

After the debacle of the birthday party we went home and Madeline got to unwrap presents and of course wanted to open every single gift.  Jonathan had long passed out after a long day of running around with his cousins and the other kids with no nap at all.  In the long run it was a nice day because we spent it together as a family.  The hubby got to go to Madeline's game even though they didn't cheer but he was there and he spent the whole day with us which is rare.

Sunday was another busy day.  Jonathan had soccer which thankfully started at ten so I got to have a cup of coffee and relax a bit before I had to leave the house.  After soccer I took him to pick out his Halloween costume since we are going to Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party this weekend.  He decided on Ninja Turtle.  Too bad once I got home and tried it on him it didn't fit.  I read the reviews and apparently the costume runs very small so its back to the drawing board.  At some point in the week ( I don't know when) I'll have to find him something to wear.  

Later that afternoon we had Girl Scouts, the first meeting of the year.  Yes, that would mean we have another activity to add to our already busy schedules.  Usually I only have to drop her off but last night we had a meeting to discuss things the girls will be selling.

After Girl Scouts I ran home to prep my food for my 21-day challenge from Beach Bodies that I started today.  I cooked my chicken for half the week and prepped my lunch and snacks for the day.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much food I was able to fit into the containers.  I might not starve myself after all!   

(my lunch and snack for the day)

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start to the week!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Trends....Stay calm and have a cupcake

Thursday's  Trend this week is again in honor of the Princess of our house.
Madeline's birthday party is this weekend and she decided she wanted a cupcake
theme party. I couldn't have been happier.  They had the cutest paper goods and
invitations in the shape of cupcakes at Target.  So the other day I picked her up
from school and we headed over.

I wanted to find a cute outfit for Madeline to wear for her party and Justice
did not disappoint.  I was able to find a cute top with a cupcake on it and some
cupcake earrings.  The one below is super cute too. Had Madeline not chosen a
water park as her location, the bow and headband below probably would have
been ordered.  However, knowing she wouldn't be in them for very long I
decided against it. When we got to Target I got the cutest shorts that were on
clearance that matched the top perfectly. Once her outfit was complete we
headed over to
the party section.

Obviously we grabbed anything and everything that had a cupcake on it.
Including this headband for her to wear during her party.  I even got these cute
bags to use as the center pieces.  I was going to add fun tissue paper and weights
inside to hold them down.

I also got the party pack shown below from party city that has confetti and
 other cupcake shape center pieces.  I didn't want to go to over board since 
we are going to be at a water park and the kids are barely even going to be at 
the tables other then to eat.  

Stay calm and have a cupcake

Our local supermarket Publix has this great service that you can call in and
place your order and they will have everything ready to pick up in one place.
I sent them over a picture of the cake above and they will make it for me with
the colors that Madeline picked out.  I am also going to make a few
marshmallow pops in the pastel colors to give to kids as well.

And if that wasn't enough sugar, as their thank you gift I am giving each kid a
cupcake to take home.  I had little tags printed out that say
"Stay Calm and Have a Cupcake". I wanted something a different then the
usual candies and plastic toys the kids always get.  Each guest getting a cupcake
in a cupcake theme box couldn't have fit better.  Not to mention each cupcake
comes out to $.89 each.  I knew I wouldn't get a cheaper thank you gift
anywhere else.