Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome my friends

As most of us moms know by now there are a million and one blogs out there for us.  What I failed to find was one that related perfectly to me.  Of course all moms find at least one thing in common but I figured why not give this a chance and do one myself.  Maybe there will be someone out there that is in my shoes and wants some knowledge from someone in her place.
I had my daughter Madeline at 22.  Now a days that is really young.  As Madeline starts school and joins extra curricular activities I find myself always being the youngest by a number of years.  Finding other mom friends has proven to be a larger task then I imagined.  Most women my age are not attending birthday parties they are attending night club premiers.  As the mother of two relating to my old friends who are out partying becomes even harder. 
As my blog progresses I hope to give advice to the young moms out there who balance school, work, family, and kids.  Those moms who would like to still work in a social life but understand that they need to wake up the next morning at 7am to deal with a toddler and are envying their friends who get to sleep past eight.  I would love to hear from you guys.  Feel free to comment and post questions.

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