Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Trends....All things girly

Today's Thursday Trend is about all things girly because it is my baby
girl's birthday!!

OK, so this post is really more about her then any true trends.  But I must say the
things I picked out are pretty darn cute and as a girly girly I would definitely
buy any of the products below.  I completely forgot about Vera Wang's Princess
and how much I liked it.  My perfume ran out and I may go buy this one for my
every day perfume.
All things girly

I cannot believe that my baby girl is seven today.  Time really does fly by
once you become a parent.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was dropping
her off at preschool and she would cry because she didn't want me to leave her.
Fast forward to last week when she told me "Its OK mom, you can leave.
I don't want you to be late for work." Well I guess I should be proud that she is
so considerate!  

Last night she got to celebrate with her squad and tonight we
are going to dinner with the family.  We have a super hectic weekend
not to mention it is labor day weekend, so her party is next weekend.
Stay tune next Thursday for Thursday trend all about her birthday
party theme.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

It is Monday and I absolutely exhausted.  This weekend and what looks to be my life here on out until the first of December, was one event after another! I probably shouldn't complain to much since I really do this to myself.  However, as a mom I would be selfish if I didn't put my kids in anything just so that I could have a relaxing weekend.  I'm sure other moms out there understand this dilemma.  

Friday is my one day to relax.  So how do I relax? By punishing myself and going to boot camp.  Since cheer has consumed my life and has made it near impossible to workout at the gym I take every opportunity I can get.  

Saturday I was up early because a cute little boy decided he wanted to get up extra early.   I tried my best to go back to bed until I needed to get up and of course I fall asleep and wake up late.  The one kid who needed to wake up early slept in and she wasn't to happy about having to go cheer in the scorching sun.  Who can blame the girl?!  We dressed quickly and were out the door.  A quick stop at dunkin donuts was a must and we were on our way again.  Unfortunately, the boys did not win their game but the girls still did a great job cheering in the heat.  

After the game we went home to shower and cool down.  Soon enough we were out the door again to get the remaining paper goods for Madeline's birthday party which is next weekend.  Next weekend I'll be running around getting all the stuff that I need but can't get until I know how many kids are coming. (Joy!)  Later that night the hubby and I went out with some friends since this really is the last weekend of freedom he has until December.

(If you are going to tie a shirt for a cheerleader with a hair tie it better have a bow on it!)

Sunday morning came way too early.  That tends to happen when you don't go to bed until three in the morning.  We had soccer at nine and then a car wash for cheer at eleven.  I then dropped the kids off and ran to a Girl Scout's parent meeting.  I finally got back to my house around six after leaving it at eight-thirty that morning.  Thank GOD the kids were out early and I wasn't far behind.  The hubby got home from studying and I barely noticed.  

This weekend is going to be just as busy but at least it includes a friend's bridal shower.  Hope everyone has a good week.  I'll be off shortly to cheer and ordering cupcakes for Madeline's birthday this Thursday.  My baby is turning 7!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm barely getting my favorite things of the week in today! But since we had a busy week this week and a lot of things going on I have a lot to be thankful for and as always would like to share. 

First off we got to share another birthday with my mom. Like I said before I don't know what I would do with out her. This past month and a half she has been a lot of health issues do to an infection she got early last month. Going through all of the hosptial stays, doctor visits, and over all her not feeling well it makes me appreciate her every minute i have with her. 

On the same day as my mom's birthday, Madeline started second grade. I can't believe I have a second grader! It seems like yesterday that she turned one. I'm not ready for her to keep growing. Make it stop!! Knowing that she turns seven next week has me on the verge of tears. She is trilled to be back in school with all her friends. She loves her teach and so far she's doing good. Let's knock on wood because we have a talker on our hands. 

We went to our favorite store target to buy all the supplies for her party.  We always have to hold it a week after her birthday since it always lands right before Labor Day weekend. Since most families tend to fit in their last vacation of the summer I hate doing it that weekend. We also finally decided on a location and that's one less thing I need to stress about. 

The hubby started law school this week and I'm officially a single mom for the next few years. I am beyond proud of him and know this difficult time will completely worth it. He like his professors and is getting the hang of all the reading. I know with all my heart he's going to do great. 

I remember a time in my life when ten o'clock on a Friday was when I was just starting to leave my apartment to go out for the night. NowI'm enjoying my last minutes of relaxation before my weekend activities start tomorrow. Once Saturday rolls around I'm none stop go go go. Honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope everyone has a good weekend with their loved ones. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  I am just one step closer to the weekend.  Last week if I got a work out in I was grateful.  With school starting up again this week it was hard to fit the workouts in with everything going on.

Wednesday with cheer I wasn't able to workout.  I really need to suck it up and start doing things at home if I can't get to the gym.  That should be my new years resolution.  Thursday I thought I was going to make it to the gym since cheer was cancelled but instead the group of moms I hang out with wanted to do a girls night out before school started.  So instead I went for a quick run.  I ran about two miles.  Friday, my usual boot camp day got replaced with a birthday party that started at five-thirty and didn't end until nine-thirty.  I finally figured out that while we have home games and if I want up Madeline early enough I can make it to kickboxing and make it in time for her games.  Unfortunately, this weekend coming up is an away game and I wont have time.  Sunday was a flop to because I spent half the day driving around and then the monsoons came around in the afternoon-evening time. 

I can keep going with my excuses but I'll spare you.  Last night I was finally able to work out.  When I do boot camp it feels like I make up for all the days I haven't been able to make it.  Last night did not disappoint!  We started with two-hundred jumping jacks as our warm up.  Then we had for rounds of wall balls/ burpees.  For those of you who have never had the unfortunate opportunity  to do a wall ball/ burpee consists of doing a wall ball then bring the ball down and doing a burpee.  Fun times let me tell you! We started with ten and increased each round by ten. As if that wasn't hard enough, between each round we had to do fifty ball slams.  I did all of this with a ten pound medicine ball.  On the bright side my instructor told me my wall balls are getting much higher!

While working out and looking like a hot mess, we were discussing how some people leave the gym looking like they have never worked out or go in fully decked out.  I am definitely not one of those.  I happened to have on a top that says "I don't sweat I sparkle" on last night.  My  devilish lovely instructor pointed out that I definitely was sweating and not sparkling!  Thanks a lot.  I may not have been sparkling but at least I know I got a good workout.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Round Up

It's Monday already.  I feel like I was just writing about my Friday Favorites!  In addition to being Monday it is also the first day of school for us here in South Florida.  This meant waking up earlier for mommy and it made me realize for the millionth time I am NOT a morning person.  I even made coffee before I left the house to get me going.

Per our usual we had a busy weekend.  Friday we started by having a birthday party for one of my daughter's close friend.  It was supposed to be a pool party but thanks to Florida weather the girls had to stay a majority of the evening in the house.  Which equaled one LOUD party!  Even though the girls weren't able to swim as much as they wanted to the still had a blast.  Goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune on birthday parties.  

Saturday we had a game and we won again!  This is a big deal for the girls because last year the team they cheered for only won one game and won another due to forfeit.  Madeline was co-captain this weekend which meant she got to pick which cheers the girls did and call them.  After the game we ran a few errands like grocery shopping and to start getting stuff for Madeline's birthday party which is around the corner.

Sunday I drove around Broward County-not willingly I might add.  Jonathan thankfully did not have a soccer game this weekend so we were able to go to breakfast as a family before the hubby had to head to his first day of orientation.  Afterwards I went to get my mom so she could come with the kids and I to register for the location where I thought I was going to have Madeline's birthday.  After speaking with the location all day Saturday to have them finally tell me I had to register in person I drove twenty minutes to the location.  It turns out it isn't as nice as I remember or maybe it was for five year old and not as fun for now seven year old.  This now leaves me in a scramble to find something else to do for the birthday girl who insists on having a party at a water park.  (This place was the only one that had an indoor room to eat.  Florida in September equals a hot mess!)  We headed home, I dropped off my mom and then headed to go to paint ceramic figurines with the kids and friends.  The kids and I finally headed home and took it easy until the Hubby returned.  It was a school night and the best part of going back to school, an early bed time!! Everyone was out by 8:30! 

This week is going to be jammed pack and this weekend is even worse.  Today is also my amazing mother's birthday and we are going to go out to dinner.  I wish her an extra special birthday since she has been dealing with all these health issues.  I love her to the moon and back and wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for her.  Love you mom!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

How is it that Friday takes so long to get here yet our weekends fly by?!  For our family it was the last week of Summer.  Madeline starts school on Monday and the Hubby starts his law school orientation on Sunday.  For at least the next year I will be a single parent.  

While I may complain and I know this next year is going to be trying I am beyond grateful that my husband will have the opportunity to go to law school.  I just need to remember on those days when I am being pulled in a million directions and he isn't able to help that this is all worth it.  In the long run it will be beneficial for our family.  This will be my mantra for the next few years.

I can't wait for this school year and to see Madeline continue to grow and learn.  I find it so special being able to see her interact with her friends and how excited she gets for everything.  This year is a special year, in second grade she will be making her First Communion.  I really hope I get the opportunity to be the home room mom again and be able to assist in this special celebration.

It is official, I am going to New Orleans for my best friend's bachelorette party! I got an amazing deal on Southwest and purchased my flight.  I cannot wait for February.  I have never been to New Orleans and am beyond excited to experience all that the city has to offer.

Last night our group of moms got together for some sushi and drinks as a way to start off the school year.  Next month is our second annual mom's weekend and it couldn't come soon enough.  I am in charge of purchasing our tumblers for the trip.  Of course I will be making my way over to Etsy to find something cute.  I found these already and seeing that they have a palm tree I think would work perfectly for us.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I am lucky enough not to have soccer on Sunday so we will be able to enjoy a family breakfast that does not consist of us eating in the car on our way to a game!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Trends.....Back to school

I can't believe it's back to school on Monday!  Madeline went to meet
her new teacher today and took all her school supplies in so that she
would be ready for the first day of school.  She was beyond excited to
see all her friends and what should have only taken 15 minutes took almost
an hour.

Since it is back to school season it only made sense for this Thursday's
Trends to be about back to school.  Madeline goes to Catholic School so
everything down to her socks and shoes are mandated by the school.  The
only way she is able to be different is with her hair bows.  So any time I see
anything yellow, green or navy blue I pick it up.  A friend of mine makes
cheer bows so I am always asking her to make ones with Madeline's s
chool colors for her to wear.

This year Madeline HAD to have her backpack and lunch box from Justice.
The latest it store for the girls her age.  Lucky for me during Tax Free weekend
the store also had a 40% sale plus and additional 20% off.  So what should have
been a $55 dollar backpack (and she would not have gotten!) was only $22.
The lunch box to match was also on sale.  This year they needed soft pencil
cases and I let her pick one out from Justice as well.

I still can't believe my little princess is going into second grade.  In two weeks
from today she turns 7!  Where has the time gone?

Hope everyone has a good last few days of summer!

Back to school
Back to school by alexandra-llanos featuring a bow headband

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Round Up!

Happy Monday All.  I can say this now since its past noon and the day is half way through.  At least my work day is.  My actual day is far from over!

This weekend for me consisted of sports, sports, and more sports!  Friday I didn't work but I had to take my mom down to Miami for her doctors visit.  While driving to Miami and dealing with the traffic and parking situation has me wishing I was at work. I am thankful that it looks like my mom is progressing nicely. My weekend itself was so hectic that I honestly cannot tell you what I did on Friday.  Has anyone ever had that happen to them?  I vaguely remember going to work out....

Saturday we were up bright and early to get ready for Madeline's first game of the season.  She moved up a level in cheer and therefore her games start later.  While its nice to sleep in  take our time getting ready and out the house.  We are now at the field from 9:45 to about 12.  The HOTTEST part of the day.  I felt so bad for our girls.  On the bright side the boys won the game!  By the time we got home we were dead tired from all the sun.  We staid around the house for most of the day until the sun went down some.  

Sunday was another early day.  Madeline had stunt camp from 9 to 1.  Jonathan of course also had a soccer game in the middle of all of that.  Lucky for me there are a number of moms/dads that I trust to look after Madeline so I could run to Jonathan's game.

  Jonathan's little friend Max came to watch him play run around/sit on the court when he has decided he is done not getting his turn.  Oh the joys of three year olds playing soccer! He did win the medal this week for NO crying. A major accomplishment. 

My friend was kind enough to take Jonathan with her so that he wouldn't have to sit another two hours at the gym while his sister finished her stuff.  As a thank-you I took her son with me to the park after lunch.

After cooling down at lunch and then heating up again at the park I took my kids plus Max to get frozen yogurt.  I figured I nice way to end our day.  I thought my kids would pass out early but who was I kidding.  I had to drag them to bed at 10.  Thankfully school is starting next week and then week we need to get back into our routine of going to bed by 8!

Hope everyone has a good week.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Trends....Crochet

I haven't doing a Thursday Trend in forever!  Right now I am loving all the crochet
things that are out in stores.  It is such a perfect summer look and it can either be
dressed up or down.

Last year I got some crochet shorts like the ones below while in the Keys.
You can find these types of shorts all over the place now to fit into your price
range.  The Toms are another favorite of mine.  I was able to scoop mine
up during a sale on Zulily.

The other items I picked out are just some of my favorites although I do have a
similar dress as the one from Francesca's.  Mine was a Marshal's find and
only paid $20!

Hope everyone is staying cool.  Here in Florida its in the 90's and that little
romper is looking very appealing for me to throw on on the weekends
to run errands!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Workouts

While I am no where near where I was working out wise I am getting back into the swing of things.  Those days I don't make it to the gym I could always work out at home but it is some much harder with the kids and a dog.  I know I am just making excuses for myself and I really should just suck it up.  

This past week I was lucky enough to be able to work out five times.  I did boot camp one day which left me sore for three days.  We had to do a four exercises; kettle bell swings, gobble squats, lunges all with weights (I used a 15 pound kettle bell), and then burpees.  For a minute with ten second rest in between.  We did five rounds of that.  I always say that if I don't leave saying I hate you to my instructor it isn't a good workout.  I was definitely saying I hate you that night.  

Last night I was able to go to boot camp as well and it was all about the arms.  There were five rounds.  We started off with ten wall balls and ball slams with a medicine ball (mine was a ten pound one), and ten push ups.  Then it went up to twenty five, then to 50, then back down to twenty-five, ending with ten.  In between each round ten burpees.  To finish us off at the end we had to do 120 triceps extensions with the medicine ball.  I can barely move my arms today.

The other days when I could I would go to kickboxing and because I ended up not being able to go twice during the week and I aim for working out six days I week I went running for a bit on Sunday.  I am also in the process of doing an ab challenge I found on Pinterest.

Gotta get those workouts in somehow!  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

I have totally been MIA for the past two weeks.  My life seems to finally getting back to normal which for me doesn't say much.  

My mom is finally on the road to recovery.  I few weeks ago I posted that I was thankful for our health because she was finally getting better.  Well last week we found out that her infection was coming back and she needed to go on a stronger antibiotic.  It seems to be doing its job and she was able to go back to work for the first time in a month!

I did my best to stay away from the stores since it was tax free weekend here in Florida.  I ran to the stores and did all my school supplies shopping Friday during lunch to avoid the crowds.  That night Madeline tried a class at the cheerleading facility her team has been doing their stunt camps and absolutely loved it.  Such a difference from the other facility she was going to in the off season.  

After cheer, the hubby and I went to dinner with some good friends of ours.  I am taking advantage of every second I get with him because school starts in two weeks for him.  I am thrilled beyond belief for him that he is going to have this amazing opportunity but we are definitely going to miss him.  Before we know it he will be graduating and taking the bar.  

This past weekend I had NO sports related events! My last for the next month and a half.  Since we didn't have any schedule to we really just took our time this weekend getting out of the house.  

Just got the news cheer is cancelled so I am off to dinner with the family and then to work out.  Hope everyone has a good week.