Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  I am just one step closer to the weekend.  Last week if I got a work out in I was grateful.  With school starting up again this week it was hard to fit the workouts in with everything going on.

Wednesday with cheer I wasn't able to workout.  I really need to suck it up and start doing things at home if I can't get to the gym.  That should be my new years resolution.  Thursday I thought I was going to make it to the gym since cheer was cancelled but instead the group of moms I hang out with wanted to do a girls night out before school started.  So instead I went for a quick run.  I ran about two miles.  Friday, my usual boot camp day got replaced with a birthday party that started at five-thirty and didn't end until nine-thirty.  I finally figured out that while we have home games and if I want up Madeline early enough I can make it to kickboxing and make it in time for her games.  Unfortunately, this weekend coming up is an away game and I wont have time.  Sunday was a flop to because I spent half the day driving around and then the monsoons came around in the afternoon-evening time. 

I can keep going with my excuses but I'll spare you.  Last night I was finally able to work out.  When I do boot camp it feels like I make up for all the days I haven't been able to make it.  Last night did not disappoint!  We started with two-hundred jumping jacks as our warm up.  Then we had for rounds of wall balls/ burpees.  For those of you who have never had the unfortunate opportunity  to do a wall ball/ burpee consists of doing a wall ball then bring the ball down and doing a burpee.  Fun times let me tell you! We started with ten and increased each round by ten. As if that wasn't hard enough, between each round we had to do fifty ball slams.  I did all of this with a ten pound medicine ball.  On the bright side my instructor told me my wall balls are getting much higher!

While working out and looking like a hot mess, we were discussing how some people leave the gym looking like they have never worked out or go in fully decked out.  I am definitely not one of those.  I happened to have on a top that says "I don't sweat I sparkle" on last night.  My  devilish lovely instructor pointed out that I definitely was sweating and not sparkling!  Thanks a lot.  I may not have been sparkling but at least I know I got a good workout.

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