Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

It is Monday and I absolutely exhausted.  This weekend and what looks to be my life here on out until the first of December, was one event after another! I probably shouldn't complain to much since I really do this to myself.  However, as a mom I would be selfish if I didn't put my kids in anything just so that I could have a relaxing weekend.  I'm sure other moms out there understand this dilemma.  

Friday is my one day to relax.  So how do I relax? By punishing myself and going to boot camp.  Since cheer has consumed my life and has made it near impossible to workout at the gym I take every opportunity I can get.  

Saturday I was up early because a cute little boy decided he wanted to get up extra early.   I tried my best to go back to bed until I needed to get up and of course I fall asleep and wake up late.  The one kid who needed to wake up early slept in and she wasn't to happy about having to go cheer in the scorching sun.  Who can blame the girl?!  We dressed quickly and were out the door.  A quick stop at dunkin donuts was a must and we were on our way again.  Unfortunately, the boys did not win their game but the girls still did a great job cheering in the heat.  

After the game we went home to shower and cool down.  Soon enough we were out the door again to get the remaining paper goods for Madeline's birthday party which is next weekend.  Next weekend I'll be running around getting all the stuff that I need but can't get until I know how many kids are coming. (Joy!)  Later that night the hubby and I went out with some friends since this really is the last weekend of freedom he has until December.

(If you are going to tie a shirt for a cheerleader with a hair tie it better have a bow on it!)

Sunday morning came way too early.  That tends to happen when you don't go to bed until three in the morning.  We had soccer at nine and then a car wash for cheer at eleven.  I then dropped the kids off and ran to a Girl Scout's parent meeting.  I finally got back to my house around six after leaving it at eight-thirty that morning.  Thank GOD the kids were out early and I wasn't far behind.  The hubby got home from studying and I barely noticed.  

This weekend is going to be just as busy but at least it includes a friend's bridal shower.  Hope everyone has a good week.  I'll be off shortly to cheer and ordering cupcakes for Madeline's birthday this Thursday.  My baby is turning 7!!

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