Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Round Up!

Happy Monday All.  I can say this now since its past noon and the day is half way through.  At least my work day is.  My actual day is far from over!

This weekend for me consisted of sports, sports, and more sports!  Friday I didn't work but I had to take my mom down to Miami for her doctors visit.  While driving to Miami and dealing with the traffic and parking situation has me wishing I was at work. I am thankful that it looks like my mom is progressing nicely. My weekend itself was so hectic that I honestly cannot tell you what I did on Friday.  Has anyone ever had that happen to them?  I vaguely remember going to work out....

Saturday we were up bright and early to get ready for Madeline's first game of the season.  She moved up a level in cheer and therefore her games start later.  While its nice to sleep in  take our time getting ready and out the house.  We are now at the field from 9:45 to about 12.  The HOTTEST part of the day.  I felt so bad for our girls.  On the bright side the boys won the game!  By the time we got home we were dead tired from all the sun.  We staid around the house for most of the day until the sun went down some.  

Sunday was another early day.  Madeline had stunt camp from 9 to 1.  Jonathan of course also had a soccer game in the middle of all of that.  Lucky for me there are a number of moms/dads that I trust to look after Madeline so I could run to Jonathan's game.

  Jonathan's little friend Max came to watch him play run around/sit on the court when he has decided he is done not getting his turn.  Oh the joys of three year olds playing soccer! He did win the medal this week for NO crying. A major accomplishment. 

My friend was kind enough to take Jonathan with her so that he wouldn't have to sit another two hours at the gym while his sister finished her stuff.  As a thank-you I took her son with me to the park after lunch.

After cooling down at lunch and then heating up again at the park I took my kids plus Max to get frozen yogurt.  I figured I nice way to end our day.  I thought my kids would pass out early but who was I kidding.  I had to drag them to bed at 10.  Thankfully school is starting next week and then week we need to get back into our routine of going to bed by 8!

Hope everyone has a good week.

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