Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Round Up

It's Monday already.  I feel like I was just writing about my Friday Favorites!  In addition to being Monday it is also the first day of school for us here in South Florida.  This meant waking up earlier for mommy and it made me realize for the millionth time I am NOT a morning person.  I even made coffee before I left the house to get me going.

Per our usual we had a busy weekend.  Friday we started by having a birthday party for one of my daughter's close friend.  It was supposed to be a pool party but thanks to Florida weather the girls had to stay a majority of the evening in the house.  Which equaled one LOUD party!  Even though the girls weren't able to swim as much as they wanted to the still had a blast.  Goes to show you don't need to spend a fortune on birthday parties.  

Saturday we had a game and we won again!  This is a big deal for the girls because last year the team they cheered for only won one game and won another due to forfeit.  Madeline was co-captain this weekend which meant she got to pick which cheers the girls did and call them.  After the game we ran a few errands like grocery shopping and to start getting stuff for Madeline's birthday party which is around the corner.

Sunday I drove around Broward County-not willingly I might add.  Jonathan thankfully did not have a soccer game this weekend so we were able to go to breakfast as a family before the hubby had to head to his first day of orientation.  Afterwards I went to get my mom so she could come with the kids and I to register for the location where I thought I was going to have Madeline's birthday.  After speaking with the location all day Saturday to have them finally tell me I had to register in person I drove twenty minutes to the location.  It turns out it isn't as nice as I remember or maybe it was for five year old and not as fun for now seven year old.  This now leaves me in a scramble to find something else to do for the birthday girl who insists on having a party at a water park.  (This place was the only one that had an indoor room to eat.  Florida in September equals a hot mess!)  We headed home, I dropped off my mom and then headed to go to paint ceramic figurines with the kids and friends.  The kids and I finally headed home and took it easy until the Hubby returned.  It was a school night and the best part of going back to school, an early bed time!! Everyone was out by 8:30! 

This week is going to be jammed pack and this weekend is even worse.  Today is also my amazing mother's birthday and we are going to go out to dinner.  I wish her an extra special birthday since she has been dealing with all these health issues.  I love her to the moon and back and wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for her.  Love you mom!!

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