Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I missed last weeks workout Wednesday since we were in Disney so I am going to double up a bit.

The week before Easter I did my usual workouts of kickboxing and boot camp.  That Friday before at boot camp we were taken to the back parking lot to be tortured work out.  We each stood in a parking spot and were made to run sprints between the spot where we stood to the one in front of us for a minute.  We then rested for a minute.  We continued this for ten rounds.  As if that wasn't enough depending on how many sprints we did the instructor deducted the total amount from 150.  Whatever was remaining in my case 42 was how many burpees you had to do. Fun times!  The next day I woke up feeling achy but went to kickboxing anyways, hoping that I would sweat out whatever I may be getting.  Sunday was Easter and my usual rest day so I didn't do anything.

Monday we left for Disney and while I didn't actually work out we did walk A LOT! Walking the parks for hours while pushing a stroller and carrying a two year old while waiting in line should count for something.  We got back from Disney Thursday night.  I had every intention of going to boot camp that following Friday.  My body had other plans.  I woke up Friday feeling like death.  Obviously working out was not in the cards for me.  Saturday I felt better but still not 100% so I didn't push myself.  I wanted to rest and recuperate.  Sunday I did the same.  

This past Monday was my son's birthday and I obviously wasn't going to make it to workout at the gym.  Instead I went for a quick run.  Last night I jumped back in and went to boot camp.  It was all upper body and I am definitely feeling it today.  For thirty minutes we had to do a combination of wall balls, ball slams, kettle bell rows (lawn mower exercise) on each arm, and push ups.  We started at 10 reps and increased it by five each round.  I used a 10 pound ball for the wall balls and ball slams and a 15 pound kettle bell for the rows.  After not working out for a week I was proud of myself for getting up to 25 reps.  

Food wise I've done OK considering I was in Disney for four days.  Everything I ate the weekend of Easter was basically erased since I got sick from over doing it.  Disney I can't say that I did too bad except for our day at Epcot.  It was the Flower and Garden Show and they always have special food and drinks.  That was my worse day and I didn't do to to bad since the portions are pretty small.  When we returned and because I got sick again I has zero appetite. Thankfully I am back on track and doing better.  Last night we had a yummy turkey meatloaf. 

I want to try and get back to eating more at home.  I need to start planning my meals ahead.  Lets see how this new goal  goes.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birthday Wrap Up

As I said yesterday was Jonathan's third birthday.  I can't believe he is three.  The last of my babies.  That brings on a whole other set of tears.  Lately, I have been getting small bouts of baby fever.  I day by myself with both kids usually cures me of that fever real quick though.

Last night we went to dinner with just the family, a friend of mine who has a little boy, and the hubby's best friend.  A small dinner ended up with 13 of us.  Since the Heat were playing last night we ended up at a local sports theme restaurant that had a million TVs for the hubby, his best friend, and my friend's husband could watch the game.  The kids could have cared less where we went as long as there would eventually be cake.  I take that back because as I pulled into the restaurant Jonathan very casually goes "This is my party?  That's it?" Where does this little three year old get these things!  He was quickly satisfied when I gave him a dinosaur balloon that he could walk.  I am sure the people of the restaurant who had my son walking up and down in front of them weren't too happy.  
Sorry for the bad pictures. 

I tried my best to keep last night low key since we spent a small fortune at Disney eating with the characters and going to the T-Rex restaurant.  I only had six balloons and didn't go to crazy with the goody bags for the kids.  I was however, that mom who brought themed plates so the kids could eat on them, cake plates, and little dinosaur activities to keep the kids busy.  Overall I am proud of my self.

So as I wrap up Jonathan's birthday I am already planning Madeline's who turns seven in four months.  She wants an actual party this year instead of going to Disney.  We have settled on a theme and location.  Lets just hope I don't go overboard with all the Pinterest ideas. It may be a little difficult because Madeline herself loves planning things (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!) and already has a ton of her own ideas!  Wish me luck.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Round Up...

This weekend round up is more like a week long round up.  The week has been fun filled and now that I am back at work from vacation I am ready for another one.  Isn't that how it usually works?

Last week Saturday I threw my hubby a surprise dinner as a way to congratulate him for his acceptance to law school.  I had told him that we were getting together for my friends 30th birthday.  I was able to get all of his best friends who live close by and his two cousins to come.  Everyone met up at 7 at this local restaurant called the Royal Pig.  (If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area you try it.) When we walked up to the table he was completely surprised!  

Sunday was Easter and I was finally able to eat sweets.  We had brunch at my aunts house and my mom made an amazing french toast with french bread, nuts, and brown sugar.  I was in heaven!  My cousin had a ton of little projects for the kids to do so that they wouldn't be just watching TV all day.  One of the project was making a pink cake which I of course had to sample.  In the end all that found from the night before and Sunday caught up to me and I got very sick.  This has happened to me in the past when I over indulge I end up paying the price.  Thank goodness I made a quick recovery because the next day bright and early we were off to Disney.

We spent the next four days in Disney celebrating Jonathan's third birthday and Madeline's spring break.  The weather was good except for the last day which it was super hot.  So really nothing abnormal for Orlando.  We ate with the Characters at Hollywood Studios and went to a Dinosaur theme restaurant that had electronic Dinosaurs that moved and made noise. 

Friday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a Mac Truck.  Madeline had a play date with one of her friends to get their nails done and I took the opportunity to get a much needed pedi.  Even that didn't help my cause.  I picked up a stomach virus that I blame on all the junk food I ate while in Disney.  Thankfully my in-laws had missed the kids and took them for me so they wouldn't catch what I had.  By Sunday when they got home I was feel much better and we went to breakfast then off to grab a few things for Jonathan's birthday.

Tonight we are going to dinner for the little guys birthday with the family and my good friend who has a little boy three months younger then Jonathan.  I cannot believe my little guy is three!  It seems just like yesterday that he was born.  He brings so much joy into our lives and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Trends Jonathan's 2nd bday

This weeks trends are all about Jonathan.  His third birthday is this Monday. (I can't believe it's been three years!) 

Jonthan has been obessed with Dinasours this year.  When you ask him what time of birthday he wants he with out a doubt tells you a Dinasour Party!  As I go to the stores I have been gathering dinasour things to surprise him with on his special day.

Below are a few things that I was looking out for during my search.  No party is complete with out napkins,cups, and plates in the theme of choice.  Obviously I dinasour cake is in order.  I already picked up a shirt at Carter's with different dinasours but this one from Carter's with that says "Be Mighty" with the Tyrannosaurus Rex is pretty cute too. I also picked up this giant coloring pages the last time I was at Target.  I am also hoping to find him a stuff dinasour for him to sleep with. A pair of dinasour theme pajamas would be ideal and these footies are too cute.

While we were in Disney we would him to eat at a resturant that had electronic dinasours much like the Rain Forest Cafe but Dinosaur themed.  He was in heaven! 

 Since he is so young and isn't going to school  we decided to make this trip to Disney part of his birthday celebration.  Trying to keep it low key until he is in school.  Proud that I actually kept my word this time.

Jonathan's 2nd bday

Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend round Up

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I was sick for most of it. But thankfully I have made a quick recovery because as I write this we are in Disney! 

          Day one at Animal Kingdom

We have called it an early night for once because I had a rough night last night getting sick off and on and the hubby worked till late. While we aren't staying out late at the parks we are going to head over to the movies at the pool. A great feature the Disney hotels offer. 

So I leave you all now and will catch up later this week. Follow our adventures on my Instagram at alexandradanielle13. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Trends: Disney

This weeks trends are Disney theme because  we are going to Disney, yes AGAIN!

We usually go for Madeline's spring break. It just so happens that Jonathan turns three the Monday we return so we are making this a Spring Break/Birthday Celebration.

We are staying on property again and since I booked it with enough time we were able to personalize our MagicBands. Madeline and I got pink, the Hubby got green, and Jonathan got blue. Except Jonathan could not wait till the trip and he took his out, left it on his bed, and our special puppy got a hold of it and ate it. So long story short a new one is on its way but wont get here in time. Which means Jonathan will be using his old gray one.

The Items below are a few things that we will be packing or I want to pick up before our trip.  Yes, the hubby and I have the shirts that say "I am your Mickey" and "I am your Minnie".  The children have their luggage that is Disney themed but I had to add this cute Mickey design suitcase on wheels. 

My shoe of choice for Disney are my Toms.  They are super comfortable and because I have a red pair go with all my Disney shirts.  What would be better to have Mickey/Minnie decorated Toms.  There is a shop in Downtown Disney that paints your Toms for you.  I may be stopping by to see if I can get a pair for the kids and I.

Every time we go to Disney I like to pick up a new shirt for the kids.  It comes out much cheaper if I get them before we get to the parks and this way the kids don't ask for clothing while we are there. Jonathan already has the Sulley T-Shirt that I picked up at Old Navy for our last trip so I have to swing by there by this weekend to pick up one more.    I saw this cute bow on Etsy.  It also doubles as a cheer bow which in my book is a double win!

Sunday we will be super busy with all our Easter project so I need to find sometime between now and then to pack since we leave bright and early Monday morning.  I am not sure who is more excited me or the kids?

Disney trip

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Not much has changed this past week in regards to my workouts.  I'm finally 100% better from my pinched nerve, Thank God! 
I worked out six days last week if you count the 15 minutes on a treadmill last Friday.  I wasn't able to go to my usual Friday boot camp because I had a friends birthday dinner, but at least I did something right? Saturday although we went out drinking I still got up and went to do my kickboxing class.  It completely sucked.  Burpees with a stomach full of alcohol is not a good combination!  Yesterday I did a killer boot camp that focused on my arms.  I am definitely feeling it and I love it! 
I am going to try and work out every day this week since next week we will be in Disney and I doubt I am going to get a chance to workout.  Other then walking miles and miles around the parks.
Food wise I did my usual.  Other then the few drinks I had last Friday and half a meatball sub I think I did pretty good.  I always try to do the skinny Margaritas not only for the lower calories but also because they don't add so much sour mix which I am not a huge fan of.  We have been eating out a lot again and I want to get back into cooking at home.  When we go out to eat I usually have a salad with vinaigrette dressing and skip the break and appetizers. 

My yummy cafe con leche martini

Can't wait for Sunday to come so I can have sweets back in my life.  I wonder if now that they aren't forbidden will I even want them as much?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday! (as happy as a Monday can be)  This past weekend was blissfully normal. Friday I took off from work to catch up on rest.  After waking up late every day because I was so tired I knew it was time to take a break, and lets be honest for mommies the weekends do not equal rest. 
 I dropped Madeline off at school, my mom watched Jonathan for me and I went to cash in my fascial that the hubby bought me for Valentine's Day.  I got there a little early and decided to take advantage of the facilities and went running on the treadmill which overlooked the beach.  Had I had more time I definitely would have gone running on the beach.  After my amazing fascial I continued to take advantage of  the hotel and went to lay out until I needed to head back to reality.  I had a nice breakfast by the pool and took a nap.  It was amazing even if it was for a few hours.

It was such a beautiful day

I went straight to pick up Madeline and then headed off to my new home away from home...the chiropractors office.  I'm down to two days a week now but per the doctor I should be going for the next year to help get the curve back into my neck.  (Apparently it is very common now a days for people to lose the natural curve in their neck.)  Later that night we had a dinner for a friends birthday at the Hard Rock Casino. Thankfully I was home by 1. 
Saturday I decided to sleep in and take my later kickboxing class.  Regardless of being home somewhat early after a night of drinks and dancing kickboxing sucks!!  I rushed home afterwards and had to take the puppy to the vet.  The kids walked around the store looking at all the animals with my mom.  We then went to lunch and did a little shopping at Old Navy.

Jonathan trying on "Cars" rain boots
Sunday Madeline had her Girl Scout Easter Party which was hosted by one of the moms.  She truely out did herself with the decor, food, treats, and activities.  Thankfully the weather held up enough for us to have the Easter Egg Hunt.  Once we left the party we went to my favorite store Target to pick up the goods to make the treats for Madeline's Easter party.  Then ran to the mall to look for a few things for this upcoming week and ended our Sunday with dinner out. 

  The girls at their Girl Scout Party

Jonathan passed out in the car on the way home and Madeline was off to bed soon after we got home.  It worked out perfectly because I was able to make the treats for her class without interruption. 

Peeps on a stick!
It's Monday again already.  We have a short week of school, Madeline starts spring break Thursday.  It will be a crazy week ahead and we are off to Disney next week for Spring Break/Jonathan's 3rd birthday celebration.  I can't believe my baby boy will be three in two weeks!
Oh and I can't forget the most important event of this week! My amazing hubby was accepted to law school!! It's going to be a long road ahead but so worth it in the end. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Trends

Old Navy has been having the cutest outfits lately.  
I have a pretty laid back office. 
As long as I am not 
wearing jeans, tights, 
or anything to short I am good to go.  
Either way I am always looking for cute outfits for the office 
and the one below doesn't disappoint.  

The skirt is a jersey knit which makes it comfortable to wear 
throughout the day.  I rarely wear heels to work because I walk 
around the office a lot so these gold flats are perfect.
I'm also  always freezing 
which means I need a sweater.  
This light weight coral piece will make a perfect addition
 to my blazer/sweater collection.  

For a quick date night after work I could throw on 
jeans (since most 
restaurants are freezing in my opinion) or even a cute pair 
of wedges and leave the skirt on. 
 Either way this outfit can be used 
several ways and for different occasions. 
I even like how they paired the skirt with a jean top.

What is even better is that right now if you shop
online at Old Navy you can save 15%
if you use the code ONSAVENOW.  


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Goal: To live a healthy lifestyle and to tone up.

Updates: Had a bit of a set back last week because of a pinched nerve.  Still worked out a bit but not what I am used to.

Workouts:  Monday all of a sudden I felt my shoulders tensing up.  By three o'clock I could barely move.  I went to my chiropractor and he started the adjustment process.  I went every day last week and by Thursday I was finally starting to feel relief.  I still took it easy so not to injure myself again especially because I was going to Tampa on Friday. I took the opportunity on Thursday and Friday to use some of the workouts I pinned on Pinterest.  On Thursday I did a workout that focused on the love handles because I didn't want to strain anything in my neck.  Friday I did a quick glutes work out and one called weekend warrior.  Saturday I was feeling much better and the bestie and I took a barre class at Pure Barre.  You work out the entire body with low weights and you definitely feel it the next day!  Monday I was back at it at my kickboxing class and I definitely could tell that I hadn't gone in a week.  Holy Hell! I am not looking forward taking four days off for our Disney trip in a week and a half.  Thankfully I will be walking a lot.  Last night I did my usual boot camp but went lighter on the weights.  Still got a good workout in and can feel it in my legs today.  Overall if I include those little workouts on Thursday and Friday I five days so not to bad considering a pinched nerve.

Food:  I did an ok job this past week.  Since I was out with the bestie this weekend I had more drinks then I usually do.  My realization that it wasn't too bad that I had a few more drinks then usual was that we went line dancing Saturday night and we worked up a sweat!  Food wise I didn't do too bad.  Although Sunday I ate more bread then usual and A LOT more coffee do to the lack of sleep I was experiencing.  I am trying to get back on track before we are off to Disney for Spring Break/Jonathan's birthday, so Monday night we had spaghetti squash and red sauce with turkey sausage for dinner.  It was delicious.  The kids didn't eat it had to make them plain spaghetti but it was an easy enough substitute that it wasn't too much work.  I found a recipe for sweet potato gnocchi and I am dying to try it.  Maybe this week and I can post about it next week.  

The hubby works late today so we may be having left overs tonight. 

Have a good rest of the week.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Basket

I cannot believe that Easter is around the corner! This year is flying by.  This weekend the bestie and I were walking around Target like we used to do in college.  We wondered into the Easter section and I was blown away by all the cute stuff they had.  I am a total sucker for holiday stuff.  It it wasn't for the fact that I only had my small weekend bag  (that I have a Target around the corner from my house and could buy them there) I would have bought everything on site. This weekend you will most likely find me at the local Target picking up a few ton of things to fill up the kid's Easter Basket.

For Madeline I love getting her books that have to do with the holiday we are celebrating.  This way she is getting a present and she can practice her reading. It's a win win.  Two of my favorite books to get her are from the Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious series.  You can imagine my excitement when I found both series had an Easter book.  These glitter eggs are beyond cute and I can always use them as decoration next Easter.  Madeline has been wanting an EOS chap stick like mommy so these in spring colors will be a great addition to her basket.  Since we usually go to Disney for Madeline's spring break and it coincides with Easter I always like to incorporate something Disney in their baskets.  This year I plan on adding Disney towels for them to use at the hotel pool.

For Jonathan I saw this cute plate with a bunny on it and decided to get him the matching cup.  (Madeline will be getting a plate too in pink.)  I love getting him books too and this one that integrates the real reason for the holiday .  What basket isn't complete without colorful eggs filled with candy?  These in various blues, greens, and yellows would be great for my little guy.

Target around the holidays is the worst place for me to go.  I'm sure that all women feel that way!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Round Up

To say this weekend was exhausting is putting it mildly!! I left work early on Friday  so that I could pick up Madeline from school since I would be gone most of the weekend.  I also needed to get my chiropractor's appointment in before I left.  I know not everyone is a fan of chiropractors but my neck was finally feeling better and I didn't have to take any medication. So I'm all for them right now. I got home and finished packing the kids up because they were going to spend the night with the in-laws and I needed to organize my bag.
Since the flight to Tampa lasts 2.2 seconds I went the cheap route and bought my ticket through Spirit.  Since I last flew Spirit a lot has changed!  They charge for everything now.  I'm sure most of you already new this.  But I thought I could at least bring a carry on for free.  Yea, was I mistaken.  I was going to be in Tampa for a little over twenty-four hours so I was being stubborn (shocker I know!) and refused to pay an additional $60 (I know $60 isn't much but it was principle.) I have a very cute weekend bag my mom bought me for mother's day last year with my monogram on it.  It just happened to be within the maximum requirements for it to be considered a "personal item" aka a purse to bring on board for free.  I have to give myself props that this girl was able to fit everything into a bag that was 16x14x12!
Per Spirit's usual the flight was delayed so I didn't get to Tampa until 10:33pm.  (This was after I had my mini panic attack that the plane was going to crash and I would never see my kids again.  This was my first time flying with out the kids, if that is any justification to my craziness.) The bestie picked me up and we went to meet her fiance and one of the grooms men at a restaurant by her house.  Original plans were to keep it low key for the night.  When the bestie and I are together nothing ever turns out as planned.  We decided to go to another bar close by before going home.  On our way home at 2:30am we got a flat tire. When we finally got home we decided to go through our high school year book.  Never a dull moment!

The ad we had together in our yearbook. 

The next day we went to do a barre class early in the morning (more on this on Wednesday).  We ran home got dressed and went bridesmaid dress shopping.  I got to meet the other two bridesmaids and give everyone the super cute tumblers I bought us all.  Dress shopping was a breeze and I absolutely LOVE my dress! 

Our super cute tumblers

The bride with her bridesmaids

Later that night we went to the local country bar-we love line dancing, we used to do it all the time in college.   A good friend of ours, who I hadn't seen in seven years joined us and it was like old times.  Only bad part was home at 3 in the morning when I had to get up at 6:40 to catch my flight. 

Friends since high school!

The entire family came to get me at the airport.  I missed my little ones soo much.  We went to breakfast before I had to run home jump in the shower and get ready to go dress shopping with my other good friend whose wedding I am in.  Made it right on time and went shopping with my good friend and old college roommate.  (She was the one who introduced me to my hubby) Everyone got their dress and looked amazing!  I didn't end up getting home till 4 when I could actually try to relax.

 The bride and almost all her bridesmaids
I didn't even mind all the craziness because I missed my little terrors angels so much! Today I am completely dragging butt and had to have a turbo shot added to my coffee.  It was all completely worth it and I can not wait to share these special days with two of my best friends!