Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Trends Jonathan's 2nd bday

This weeks trends are all about Jonathan.  His third birthday is this Monday. (I can't believe it's been three years!) 

Jonthan has been obessed with Dinasours this year.  When you ask him what time of birthday he wants he with out a doubt tells you a Dinasour Party!  As I go to the stores I have been gathering dinasour things to surprise him with on his special day.

Below are a few things that I was looking out for during my search.  No party is complete with out napkins,cups, and plates in the theme of choice.  Obviously I dinasour cake is in order.  I already picked up a shirt at Carter's with different dinasours but this one from Carter's with that says "Be Mighty" with the Tyrannosaurus Rex is pretty cute too. I also picked up this giant coloring pages the last time I was at Target.  I am also hoping to find him a stuff dinasour for him to sleep with. A pair of dinasour theme pajamas would be ideal and these footies are too cute.

While we were in Disney we would him to eat at a resturant that had electronic dinasours much like the Rain Forest Cafe but Dinosaur themed.  He was in heaven! 

 Since he is so young and isn't going to school  we decided to make this trip to Disney part of his birthday celebration.  Trying to keep it low key until he is in school.  Proud that I actually kept my word this time.

Jonathan's 2nd bday

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