Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Basket

I cannot believe that Easter is around the corner! This year is flying by.  This weekend the bestie and I were walking around Target like we used to do in college.  We wondered into the Easter section and I was blown away by all the cute stuff they had.  I am a total sucker for holiday stuff.  It it wasn't for the fact that I only had my small weekend bag  (that I have a Target around the corner from my house and could buy them there) I would have bought everything on site. This weekend you will most likely find me at the local Target picking up a few ton of things to fill up the kid's Easter Basket.

For Madeline I love getting her books that have to do with the holiday we are celebrating.  This way she is getting a present and she can practice her reading. It's a win win.  Two of my favorite books to get her are from the Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious series.  You can imagine my excitement when I found both series had an Easter book.  These glitter eggs are beyond cute and I can always use them as decoration next Easter.  Madeline has been wanting an EOS chap stick like mommy so these in spring colors will be a great addition to her basket.  Since we usually go to Disney for Madeline's spring break and it coincides with Easter I always like to incorporate something Disney in their baskets.  This year I plan on adding Disney towels for them to use at the hotel pool.

For Jonathan I saw this cute plate with a bunny on it and decided to get him the matching cup.  (Madeline will be getting a plate too in pink.)  I love getting him books too and this one that integrates the real reason for the holiday .  What basket isn't complete without colorful eggs filled with candy?  These in various blues, greens, and yellows would be great for my little guy.

Target around the holidays is the worst place for me to go.  I'm sure that all women feel that way!


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