Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Round Up

To say this weekend was exhausting is putting it mildly!! I left work early on Friday  so that I could pick up Madeline from school since I would be gone most of the weekend.  I also needed to get my chiropractor's appointment in before I left.  I know not everyone is a fan of chiropractors but my neck was finally feeling better and I didn't have to take any medication. So I'm all for them right now. I got home and finished packing the kids up because they were going to spend the night with the in-laws and I needed to organize my bag.
Since the flight to Tampa lasts 2.2 seconds I went the cheap route and bought my ticket through Spirit.  Since I last flew Spirit a lot has changed!  They charge for everything now.  I'm sure most of you already new this.  But I thought I could at least bring a carry on for free.  Yea, was I mistaken.  I was going to be in Tampa for a little over twenty-four hours so I was being stubborn (shocker I know!) and refused to pay an additional $60 (I know $60 isn't much but it was principle.) I have a very cute weekend bag my mom bought me for mother's day last year with my monogram on it.  It just happened to be within the maximum requirements for it to be considered a "personal item" aka a purse to bring on board for free.  I have to give myself props that this girl was able to fit everything into a bag that was 16x14x12!
Per Spirit's usual the flight was delayed so I didn't get to Tampa until 10:33pm.  (This was after I had my mini panic attack that the plane was going to crash and I would never see my kids again.  This was my first time flying with out the kids, if that is any justification to my craziness.) The bestie picked me up and we went to meet her fiance and one of the grooms men at a restaurant by her house.  Original plans were to keep it low key for the night.  When the bestie and I are together nothing ever turns out as planned.  We decided to go to another bar close by before going home.  On our way home at 2:30am we got a flat tire. When we finally got home we decided to go through our high school year book.  Never a dull moment!

The ad we had together in our yearbook. 

The next day we went to do a barre class early in the morning (more on this on Wednesday).  We ran home got dressed and went bridesmaid dress shopping.  I got to meet the other two bridesmaids and give everyone the super cute tumblers I bought us all.  Dress shopping was a breeze and I absolutely LOVE my dress! 

Our super cute tumblers

The bride with her bridesmaids

Later that night we went to the local country bar-we love line dancing, we used to do it all the time in college.   A good friend of ours, who I hadn't seen in seven years joined us and it was like old times.  Only bad part was home at 3 in the morning when I had to get up at 6:40 to catch my flight. 

Friends since high school!

The entire family came to get me at the airport.  I missed my little ones soo much.  We went to breakfast before I had to run home jump in the shower and get ready to go dress shopping with my other good friend whose wedding I am in.  Made it right on time and went shopping with my good friend and old college roommate.  (She was the one who introduced me to my hubby) Everyone got their dress and looked amazing!  I didn't end up getting home till 4 when I could actually try to relax.

 The bride and almost all her bridesmaids
I didn't even mind all the craziness because I missed my little terrors angels so much! Today I am completely dragging butt and had to have a turbo shot added to my coffee.  It was all completely worth it and I can not wait to share these special days with two of my best friends!

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