Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Round Up...

This weekend round up is more like a week long round up.  The week has been fun filled and now that I am back at work from vacation I am ready for another one.  Isn't that how it usually works?

Last week Saturday I threw my hubby a surprise dinner as a way to congratulate him for his acceptance to law school.  I had told him that we were getting together for my friends 30th birthday.  I was able to get all of his best friends who live close by and his two cousins to come.  Everyone met up at 7 at this local restaurant called the Royal Pig.  (If you live in the Fort Lauderdale area you try it.) When we walked up to the table he was completely surprised!  

Sunday was Easter and I was finally able to eat sweets.  We had brunch at my aunts house and my mom made an amazing french toast with french bread, nuts, and brown sugar.  I was in heaven!  My cousin had a ton of little projects for the kids to do so that they wouldn't be just watching TV all day.  One of the project was making a pink cake which I of course had to sample.  In the end all that found from the night before and Sunday caught up to me and I got very sick.  This has happened to me in the past when I over indulge I end up paying the price.  Thank goodness I made a quick recovery because the next day bright and early we were off to Disney.

We spent the next four days in Disney celebrating Jonathan's third birthday and Madeline's spring break.  The weather was good except for the last day which it was super hot.  So really nothing abnormal for Orlando.  We ate with the Characters at Hollywood Studios and went to a Dinosaur theme restaurant that had electronic Dinosaurs that moved and made noise. 

Friday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a Mac Truck.  Madeline had a play date with one of her friends to get their nails done and I took the opportunity to get a much needed pedi.  Even that didn't help my cause.  I picked up a stomach virus that I blame on all the junk food I ate while in Disney.  Thankfully my in-laws had missed the kids and took them for me so they wouldn't catch what I had.  By Sunday when they got home I was feel much better and we went to breakfast then off to grab a few things for Jonathan's birthday.

Tonight we are going to dinner for the little guys birthday with the family and my good friend who has a little boy three months younger then Jonathan.  I cannot believe my little guy is three!  It seems just like yesterday that he was born.  He brings so much joy into our lives and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.  

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