Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birthday Wrap Up

As I said yesterday was Jonathan's third birthday.  I can't believe he is three.  The last of my babies.  That brings on a whole other set of tears.  Lately, I have been getting small bouts of baby fever.  I day by myself with both kids usually cures me of that fever real quick though.

Last night we went to dinner with just the family, a friend of mine who has a little boy, and the hubby's best friend.  A small dinner ended up with 13 of us.  Since the Heat were playing last night we ended up at a local sports theme restaurant that had a million TVs for the hubby, his best friend, and my friend's husband could watch the game.  The kids could have cared less where we went as long as there would eventually be cake.  I take that back because as I pulled into the restaurant Jonathan very casually goes "This is my party?  That's it?" Where does this little three year old get these things!  He was quickly satisfied when I gave him a dinosaur balloon that he could walk.  I am sure the people of the restaurant who had my son walking up and down in front of them weren't too happy.  
Sorry for the bad pictures. 

I tried my best to keep last night low key since we spent a small fortune at Disney eating with the characters and going to the T-Rex restaurant.  I only had six balloons and didn't go to crazy with the goody bags for the kids.  I was however, that mom who brought themed plates so the kids could eat on them, cake plates, and little dinosaur activities to keep the kids busy.  Overall I am proud of my self.

So as I wrap up Jonathan's birthday I am already planning Madeline's who turns seven in four months.  She wants an actual party this year instead of going to Disney.  We have settled on a theme and location.  Lets just hope I don't go overboard with all the Pinterest ideas. It may be a little difficult because Madeline herself loves planning things (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!) and already has a ton of her own ideas!  Wish me luck.

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