Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I missed last weeks workout Wednesday since we were in Disney so I am going to double up a bit.

The week before Easter I did my usual workouts of kickboxing and boot camp.  That Friday before at boot camp we were taken to the back parking lot to be tortured work out.  We each stood in a parking spot and were made to run sprints between the spot where we stood to the one in front of us for a minute.  We then rested for a minute.  We continued this for ten rounds.  As if that wasn't enough depending on how many sprints we did the instructor deducted the total amount from 150.  Whatever was remaining in my case 42 was how many burpees you had to do. Fun times!  The next day I woke up feeling achy but went to kickboxing anyways, hoping that I would sweat out whatever I may be getting.  Sunday was Easter and my usual rest day so I didn't do anything.

Monday we left for Disney and while I didn't actually work out we did walk A LOT! Walking the parks for hours while pushing a stroller and carrying a two year old while waiting in line should count for something.  We got back from Disney Thursday night.  I had every intention of going to boot camp that following Friday.  My body had other plans.  I woke up Friday feeling like death.  Obviously working out was not in the cards for me.  Saturday I felt better but still not 100% so I didn't push myself.  I wanted to rest and recuperate.  Sunday I did the same.  

This past Monday was my son's birthday and I obviously wasn't going to make it to workout at the gym.  Instead I went for a quick run.  Last night I jumped back in and went to boot camp.  It was all upper body and I am definitely feeling it today.  For thirty minutes we had to do a combination of wall balls, ball slams, kettle bell rows (lawn mower exercise) on each arm, and push ups.  We started at 10 reps and increased it by five each round.  I used a 10 pound ball for the wall balls and ball slams and a 15 pound kettle bell for the rows.  After not working out for a week I was proud of myself for getting up to 25 reps.  

Food wise I've done OK considering I was in Disney for four days.  Everything I ate the weekend of Easter was basically erased since I got sick from over doing it.  Disney I can't say that I did too bad except for our day at Epcot.  It was the Flower and Garden Show and they always have special food and drinks.  That was my worse day and I didn't do to to bad since the portions are pretty small.  When we returned and because I got sick again I has zero appetite. Thankfully I am back on track and doing better.  Last night we had a yummy turkey meatloaf. 

I want to try and get back to eating more at home.  I need to start planning my meals ahead.  Lets see how this new goal  goes.

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