Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No April Fools for me

I As I type away I am laying in bed with a pinched nerve that barely lets me stand for more then five minutes at a time before it feels like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I staid home from work today and sent my boss a message letting him know I was going to be out.  His response?  "Is this an April Fools joke?" Oooh how I wish it was.  It started yesterday and has gotten worse.  I have been going to the chiropractor every day (aka yesterday and today and will be going tomorrow again) I really was hoping they would let me get a message but apparently with a pinched nerve getting a message will just aggravate it more. So my amazing husband is watching the kids and trying (key word trying) to keep them out of the room and from jumping on me.

I have been stuck in bed for two days now and can't work out.  Which adds to my annoyance.  My group of mom friends are having our monthly girls night out which I will also be missing.  Only thing keeping me going is the fact that I turned in my paper (I'm blaming this pinch nerve on the stress of that paper) and that I am going to Tampa Friday night to go shopping with the bestie for bridesmaid dresses.  I will be a whirlwind trip but filled with a ton of fun actives.  
The bride and three of the five bridesmaid. 

So even if I need to take some muscle relaxers my butt is going to Tampa.  Now all I need to do is get better and pack everything I need in an overnight bag.  Wish me luck!

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