Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Trends: Disney

This weeks trends are Disney theme because  we are going to Disney, yes AGAIN!

We usually go for Madeline's spring break. It just so happens that Jonathan turns three the Monday we return so we are making this a Spring Break/Birthday Celebration.

We are staying on property again and since I booked it with enough time we were able to personalize our MagicBands. Madeline and I got pink, the Hubby got green, and Jonathan got blue. Except Jonathan could not wait till the trip and he took his out, left it on his bed, and our special puppy got a hold of it and ate it. So long story short a new one is on its way but wont get here in time. Which means Jonathan will be using his old gray one.

The Items below are a few things that we will be packing or I want to pick up before our trip.  Yes, the hubby and I have the shirts that say "I am your Mickey" and "I am your Minnie".  The children have their luggage that is Disney themed but I had to add this cute Mickey design suitcase on wheels. 

My shoe of choice for Disney are my Toms.  They are super comfortable and because I have a red pair go with all my Disney shirts.  What would be better to have Mickey/Minnie decorated Toms.  There is a shop in Downtown Disney that paints your Toms for you.  I may be stopping by to see if I can get a pair for the kids and I.

Every time we go to Disney I like to pick up a new shirt for the kids.  It comes out much cheaper if I get them before we get to the parks and this way the kids don't ask for clothing while we are there. Jonathan already has the Sulley T-Shirt that I picked up at Old Navy for our last trip so I have to swing by there by this weekend to pick up one more.    I saw this cute bow on Etsy.  It also doubles as a cheer bow which in my book is a double win!

Sunday we will be super busy with all our Easter project so I need to find sometime between now and then to pack since we leave bright and early Monday morning.  I am not sure who is more excited me or the kids?

Disney trip

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