Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Goal: to maintain a healthy lifestyle and gain muscle. 

Results: I do feel like I'm toning up my muscles but no where near where I want to be. As long as I don't give up and keep working at it each week I feel like I've met my goal for that week. 

Workouts: Well my neck still isn't 100% and my chiropractor told me to lay off the boot camps and kickboxing for a bit. 

Before I got hurt on Monday I had gotten two boot camps in and kickboxing every day but Sunday which is usually my rest day. Today I took a hot yoga class to help losen me up and stretch out the stiffness in my back and neck. Little by little I'm feeling better. This Saturday I'm taking a barre class and I am beyond excited. 

Eating: I did about the same eating wise. Much better from the weekend before since I didn't eat any amazing peanut butter and jelly pancakes. (Im upset that I didn't but my waistline isn't!) I did have a few drinks though at my works annual ball. But since it was only one night compared to three I still did better. We stuck to our usually meals this week too. The other night we did breakfast for dinner one of my favorites. We had all the usually goodies. Eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Except the bacon was turkey bacon and the potatoes were sweet potatoes. Still eating what we like but making healthier choice within meals. 

Updates: I finally took my measurements. I am not sure if I did them wrong being that in the stores I'm a size 26 in most pants and when I measured myself I was a 30. I'm going to ask the hubby to help me to make sure I'm doing it correctly and I can have an accurate way of tracking my results. 

Until next time when I post about my barre class experience. Pray that my neck gets better too!

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