Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Trends: Forever 21 Kids

I am inching towards my limit of being able to shop in Forever 21.  However, lately
I have been finding myself going in for a whole other reason...their children's
clothes!!  I have become slightly obsessed with their girl's line.  They have the cutest
little outfits and the prices cannot be beat.

Obviously, their quality isn't that of Baby Gap but for these prices and
the way kids grow its perfect.  Madeline constantly has something to go to
and come summer time when she goes to camp I don't want to send her in clothes
that I am afraid she will ruin.  With these items I don't mind.

Madeline already has a few of these pieces like the panda shirt, the perfume shirt,
the Aztec print dress, skirt, and like blue jean vest.  You can see Madeline in the blue Aztec dress in this post here. They fit true to size and fit well.
I'm dying over the little peplum top, Aztec shorts, and jumper.
I may be having to go to my local Forever 21 soon.

Girl clothes
Girl clothes by alexandra-llanos on Polyvore

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