Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was amazingly uneventful!!  Weekends like those are far and few between. Although looking at the calendar the month of May is looking kind of quite for the Llanos Family.  (The week days are a whole other story-Thank You Cheerleading)

Friday, Madeline didn't have school.  It worked out great because Thursday like I said earlier, was the start of her cheerleading season.  The girls stayed after practice and played a little extra afterwards because they were so excited to be back at it.  My mom had staid with the kids on Friday so by the time we were heading home Jonathan fell asleep on me in the car.  Thankfully he did not wake up and slept through the night.  

Saturday, was just as uneventful.  I had Jonathan's 3 year check up, which he passed with flying colors.  It started pouring around noon and didn't let up all afternoon.  We spent a lazy day at home watching movies and the kids playing together.  The joys of having two kids-in house play dates twenty-four seven!  So we wouldn't be coup up all day we went out for dinner.  

Sunday, is my one day to sleep in! The kids allowed me to sleep till almost nine which felt amazing.  Madeline was supposed to have her bi-monthly Girl Scout meeting but it was cancelled early on in the day.  True to Florida weather it was a complete 180 from the day before which meant it was a beautiful day for the pool.  We slowly got up and dressed went to eat lunch with a girl friend and headed for the pool.  My mom took the kids home for me and I went grocery shopping alone.  A treat when you are a mom!

Its Mother's day this Sunday and my hubby's birthday next week so I really need to get up to date on my shopping.  Hope everyone has a good week.

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