Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday everyone! I am sure everyone feels the same ways but my weekends just go by way to fast.

My Friday was pretty boring.  I am pretty sure I was asleep by eleven.  Boot camp that night kicked my butt.

Saturday, I got my workout in early.  We traded in our car the week before and my new running boards finally came in so I had to do that.  Thank goodness for free popcorn and the Disney Movie app because I had an hour wait for the dealership to install the running boards.  The kids had a blast looking at all the cars and pretending they were at a movie eating their popcorn and watching Pirate Fairy.  The kids had a slumber party with my in-laws and the hubby and I went out with friends that night.
If you live in South Florida and like burgers although they have a ton of other stuff you should definitely try Rosie's.  

Sorry for the blurry picture but it's hard to get a three yr old to stay still. He was jamming to the music at the dealership. 

Sunday, since the children were at my in-laws I was able to sleep until eleven!! It was amazing and very long over due.  I literally sat on my couch and watched trash TV until they got home at two.  Then Madeline and I were off to the last Girl Scout meeting of the school year.  

The school year is quickly coming to and end and we are getting ready for summer.  Living in Florida I have to try and come up with some in-door activities because it is ridiculously hot.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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