Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Round Up...Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It is so nice to start the week of already one day in.  Lets hope the week goes by as quickly as my weekends do.  I have to start off again with thanking all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to give us our freedom.  With out them we wouldn't be able to have these long weekends with our families.  I come from a military family so I can't help but appreciate all the hard work and dedication these amazing individuals have given.

We kicked this holiday weekend off by attending a few parties on Saturday.  Madeline had a birthday party and then we had a BBQ at a friends house to go to.  My mom was kind enough to take Jonathan with her to see Rio 2 so that I would actually be able to chat with the other moms and enjoy myself at the BBQ.  I was a little bummed out because it was Jonathan's first time going to the movie and I missed that.  She said he did great and I am excited to take him to see How to Train Your Dragon!

The rest of the weekend we spent at the pool.  Sunday we went to my aunt's house to use the pool and have a BBQ there.  I love Sundays because I can actually "sleep in".  Having back to back parties no matter how fun they are is pretty tiring.  We enjoyed our breakfast and then slowly got dressed.  I was able to sneak out for a bit and went to get a mani and pedi.  After grabbing the necessities for the BBQ we got to my aunt's around two and the kids went straight to the pool.  Jonathan is starting swimming lessons next month so for now he uses little floatys.  He has zero fear and jumps right in.  The kids staid in the pool till dinner time.  After a long day in the pool everyone passed out the minute we got them into the car.

Monday, I woke up early to go work out since they were only offering a morning class because of the holiday.  I got home and everyone had just woken up (lucky them).  We had another lazy morning until we got up and decided to go to the pool for the third day in a row.  You can definitely tell summer is on its way here in South Florida.  Madeline asked me if it was already summer because it felt like we were in a desert.  Oh how I am not looking forward to full blown summer.  The Llanos family will be found all weekend long at the pool.

To keep it simple we decided to make tacos for dinner.  Instead of making the turkey for the meat I ran to Publix and grabbed two of the rotisserie chickens and just pulled the meat of the bones.  That with all the fixings made for a quick and delicious dinner.

Hope everyone had a good weekend that this week goes fast for everyone.

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