Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Trends: Sunglasses obsession

Hi my name is Alexandra and I am addicted to sunglasses.  I may or may not have 99%
of these sunglasses, but I can't help it I just keep buying more.  Living in Florida
where it is sunny almost every day-maybe not all day excluding those five minutes of
torrential down pours-but overall sunglasses are a must.

Out of all my sunglasses, my favorite ones right now are my new green mirrored Ray Bans.
The red DG ones are a close second.  I got them now for the summer because they just
look so fun and vibrant. Even though they are red they look great with everything and
make any outfit more fun.

I am dying to get those black Prada sunnies to top of my collection (for now).  They
are calling my name!!  To bad no more holidays are coming up.  I'll just have to
find some excuse as to why I should purchase them.

What is your obsession? Would love to hear from you all.

Sunglasses obsession

Sunglasses obsession by alexandra-llanos featuring gradient aviator sunglasses

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