Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Trends: Workout gear

I have been slacking on my Workout Wednesday posts.  So this Thursday Trends
I thought it best to combine the two.  For some reason when I wear
cute clothes to work out it makes me want to go even more to the gym.
I also find myself buying more and more gym clothes then regular clothes.

For the most part when I work out I just wear black leggings/shorts that way all
my shirts will match.  Below I have posted a few cute shirts with saying which are
my favorite to wear to the gym. I also added a fun pair of pants that would look
super cute with a plain white tank.  We can't forget a good sports bra and why not
have one that is pretty AND functional.

The most important accessory in my eyes when going to the gym is a good pair of
sneakers. When I go running I wont wear anything other then brooks or asics.  I
tend to overpronate my foot so I need a supportive sneaker and brooks and asic
work best for me.  For kickboxing I like something like and flexible so I use the
Nike Free.

I love these asics because a portion of the proceeds 
goes to breast cancer research.

His and Hers matching Nikes

Lately I have been so busy with Madeline and her cheerleading that I have only had
the opportunity to work out five days a week.  I shouldn't complain because at least
I am working out at all.  I did all my usual work outs last week except for my
Tuesday boot camp because we had cheerleading.

Friday I made up for it for sure.  I was beyond proud of myself because the point of
boot camp that day was to increase each rep by five until we got up to thirty and
I did! We basically had to do suicides with the base of the punching bags which are
filled with sand.  After doing that the length of the room we had to do jump squats,
burpees, v-ups, jumping jacks, and push-ups in any order.  We started at five
and increased each round by five except for the pushing of the bags.  I finished
with seconds to spare but I finished!

Saturday morning when I went to kickboxing of course the instructor did all
of same  workouts in between the punches. I swear they must talk to each other
and try to find the best way to torture me.  But at least my outfits look cute while
I'm being tortured because I definitely look like a hot mess!

Workout gear

Workout gear by alexandra-llanos featuring forever 21 pants

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