Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I feel like I am almost back to my workout schedule.  Last week was the first week in a while that I was able to get my six work outs in.  Even with doing some sort of physical activity it still wasn't my usual.

Friday I was able to make it to my usual boot camp.  We were split into groups of two and had to make it rotate through four different stations.   Each station last ten minutes.  One minute of workout one minute of jumping jacks or jump rope (Both suck equally).  The four stations consisted of pushing the base of the punching bag( which is filled with sand) back and form from one end of the room to another, jump squats, push ups, thrusters, and my favorite burpees.  To say my butt was sore the next day was an understatement.   I still dragged myself to kickboxing that following Saturday.  

One of the things I love about kickboxing  is that it really is a full body workout.  Throughout the class the trainers incorporate other exercises into the punching routine.  Last Saturday all the exercises that we were required to do were luckily all the ones I had to do the night before.  I was very happy with my Sunday rest day to say the least!

Monday was my mother in laws birthday so once again I wasn't able to go to my usual kickboxing class.  It was beautiful out and I ended up going for quick run.  I was able to get in two miles which is better then nothing.

Tuesdays I now have cheerleading practice with Madeline.  Usually my hubby comes along with us which allows me to leave early to go to my boot camp class.  However, last night that wasn't possible so I needed to find an alternative.  I have heard a lot about these Orange Theory Fitness classes and wanted to try one out.  They offer a free class for first timers and at least at the location near me offers a great schedule.  They offer classes seven days a week and at several different time frames.  I definitely enjoyed it and would do it again.  The class lasts and hour and they put a heart-rate monitor on you so you know if you are in the target zone to burn fat. The fact that they have classes on Sunday is nice because if I ever can't make a workout during the week I can make it up there.  

Food wise nothing much has changed.  When I went out to eat for my mother-in-laws birthday I had my trusty Cesar salad with a sweet potato.  Since it was Cinco de Mayo I treated myself to a skinny margarita.  Last night because I did not get home till super late I had my go to smoothie with kale.  Lately my go to sweet treat has been a caramel rice cake with peanut butter.   Tonight we are having Turkey Chili one of my favorites.  My daughter unfortunately doesn't eat that so I will be making something simpler for her.  I hate that we need to make multiple meals in the house.  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment on how to fix that.

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