Friday, May 2, 2014

'Tis the Season

Yesterday marked the start of my daughter's recreational cheerleading season.  She could not wait to start back up.  While I am very thrilled for her, this means my most of week days and Saturdays are gone until November. What we moms do for our kids!

 We had tried the competitive cheerleading during the off season and it just was not for us.  Some of the girls that were on the team that had been on her rec team loved it and actually staid on rather then return.  So it really just depends on the girl.  It is definitely tougher then rec.  The teams are out to when and things need to be perfect.  If your daughter can handle the stress of it I would recommend it.  It teaches the girls responsibility and it is a heck of a workout.  

Madeline isn't one of those girls and its fine.  She is a bit more sensitive and doesn't take well with people yelling at her to do something better.  It was really hard for me to finally come to the decision to take her out before the season was over.  I did not want to teach her it was OK to quite something that she already had made the commitment to.  Her father and I finally decided to do it when Madeline was spending most of the practice crying and crying the entire way to practice.  It was horrible seeing my baby girl go through that.  

Now we are back to our happy and welcoming recreational team with most of her little friends from school and we couldn't be happier.  Here is to long summer nights and hot Saturday games!

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