Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites

TGIF everyone.  Another work week has come and gone.  While I thought this week was going to go be quickly I was sadly mistaken.  Thursday seemed to drag on forever.

First I am very pleased to announce that I have a new baby cousin.  She is absolutely beautiful (I may be a little biased)  She has the biggest cheeks already and a full set of red hair.

Even if the week did drag on I am thankful that it was a four day week and one week closer to summer vacation.  This means mommy can sleep in an extra half hour!!

Madeline had her try outs last night for her recreational cheerleading squad and she made the 95/youth prep team!! Gooo Broncos.  In addition I get a break from cheer for a month.  Double favorite right there.

(Right after try outs and of course Jonathan was there to support his sissy!)

Today at the office we were given a wonderful breakfast as a thank you for all the work we did through out our schools accreditation.  Not only did we get a delicious breakfast but we got a $50 American Express gift card.  Pretty good way to start the weekend.

I can't help but be happy today because I get to leave work a little early, pick-up Madeline which is a treat in itself and go to the chiropractor to get a message.  It is truly one of the biggest reasons why I go to a chiropractor.  Those messages make my week.  Grant it is a waste since tonight I go to boot camp and make my relax muscles sore all over again.  

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