Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Trends.....Back to school

I can't believe it's back to school on Monday!  Madeline went to meet
her new teacher today and took all her school supplies in so that she
would be ready for the first day of school.  She was beyond excited to
see all her friends and what should have only taken 15 minutes took almost
an hour.

Since it is back to school season it only made sense for this Thursday's
Trends to be about back to school.  Madeline goes to Catholic School so
everything down to her socks and shoes are mandated by the school.  The
only way she is able to be different is with her hair bows.  So any time I see
anything yellow, green or navy blue I pick it up.  A friend of mine makes
cheer bows so I am always asking her to make ones with Madeline's s
chool colors for her to wear.

This year Madeline HAD to have her backpack and lunch box from Justice.
The latest it store for the girls her age.  Lucky for me during Tax Free weekend
the store also had a 40% sale plus and additional 20% off.  So what should have
been a $55 dollar backpack (and she would not have gotten!) was only $22.
The lunch box to match was also on sale.  This year they needed soft pencil
cases and I let her pick one out from Justice as well.

I still can't believe my little princess is going into second grade.  In two weeks
from today she turns 7!  Where has the time gone?

Hope everyone has a good last few days of summer!

Back to school
Back to school by alexandra-llanos featuring a bow headband

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