Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year!

   Happy New Years Everyone!! Hope everyone had a nice Holiday. My work place shuts down the week between Christmas Eve and New Years.  The week before everyone takes that time to take additional vacation.  It works out perfect since my daughter has that time off too. 
   This time of year for us parents is hard because everyone is having parties and the cost of baby sitting is on the rise.  You want to go out to still feel as though you have a life outside parenting.  Especially if you are a parent in their twenties.  You still want to be the cool parents, who still find time to go out.  Since must of us can not go to every single party pick which one is the most worth while.  To me and my husband New Year's Eve is very important to us.  We started dating right around one New Year so we love to celebrate.  It is also just nice to ring in the new year with the one you love.  Which ever party is the most important for you and your partner do not think twice and splurge on the baby sitter.    If paying for a baby sitter is totally out of the question trade off baby sitting duty with other parents.  You pick a night that you will baby sit their children in exchange for them doing the same for you.   Yes, it is the holidays and you can think of a million and one things you can do with that money. 
 Just remember that when mommy and daddy are happy so are the kids, if paying that extra money is weighing on your conscious. Take those few hours to enjoy yourselves and for a brief moment remember what it was like to party like a rock star. 

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