Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Trends: Bathing Suits galore

Tomorrow is the fourth and if Florida weather permits (and children) I will be near
a body of water with a drink in hand.  Which means I am in need of a bathing suit
that is red white and blue.  I'm pretty sure I have pieces that I can mix and
match but as with everything else I have a little problem with bathing suits.

Whenever Victoria's Secret has its semi-annual sale I stock up on pieces I can
mix and match.  Then of course there is target that always has a cute selection of
bathing suits.  They just happen to be right when I walk in so I can't help but
wonder over and look.

What I am in need of are some cute cover-ups and the one below doesn't
disappoint.  Add a cute pair of flip flops and I'm good to go tomorrow and
for the rest of the summer.

Bathing suits galore

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