Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Work Out Wednesday

My work outs have been basically nonexistent for the past week.  Unfortunately my mom as in the hospital and I would spend my afternoon/nights there with her.  Add to that my daughter's cheerleading schedule and it doesn't leave me much time for anything else.

Thankfully the other cheer moms like to work out as well and we either walk/jog while the girls practice and do some other little exercises.   For example this past weekend while we had four hours worth of stunt camp one of the moms had us doing squats.  She was doing one of those squat challenges and we all joined in.  Let me tell you a week off of working out and doing 225 squats off that bat will leave you very sore.  

Monday I walked with one of the moms and did 240 squats (same mom and on her final day of the squat challenge.)  I also started an ab challenge of which I am on day three.  So she joined me on Monday and helped me add things to the workout since it is still in its easy stage.

Last night was the first time I was actually able to go to my gym.  I did bootcamp and it felt amazing.  We did a minute worth of ball slams with the medicine ball of your choice.  I grabbed a ten pound one since I had been gone for a week.  After a minute of ball slams we had to do sprints back and forth for 30 seconds.  In between each round was a ten second break.  We did that 15 times.  Not a bad way to get back into the game.  To bad tonight we have cheer and I wont be able to go.

Food wise I can't say to much except I probably am over doing on the portion control.  I probably should only have one side of sweet potatoes a week rather then two.  

Lets hope I can get back to a better routine here shortly.  Have a good Wednesday everyone! 

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