Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Well I survived a week of being 30...I didn't get to post about my amazing weekend since one, I was obviously busy celebrating and two, the week started off more hectic then usual because my mom had gone away for the weekend and I didn't have her usual assistance with the kids.  The hubby actually took time off from studying and we got to go out with friends Friday AND Saturday night.  Which meant come Sunday he went into hiding to study for a mid-term he had this past Monday. But a last everyone survived-the hubby did great on his test and I didn't jump off the nearest bridge.  

Tomorrow is the weekend and I get to sleep in... LOL said NO mom EVER! I can only hope and dream though.  I am happy to say that we only have a week left of rec cheerleading.  This weekend will be Madeline's last game as a Bronco.  She doesn't think she wants to go back next year.  Instead she is throwing herself (or in her case tumbling) into competitive cheerleading.  

What a difference a year makes when you are a child. 

Tomorrow four of the six teams will being playing in the AYFL Superbowl.  We are very proud of the boys and all their hard work.  While I wont miss the hot (and long) games or not having a Saturday morning to sleep in, I am going to miss cheering on the boys and the interaction with the parents.  Honestly we end of having a good time hanging out together.  With all the time we spend together we've become a little family.

As a true cheerleader Madeline is obsessed with the cheer bows.  I have been lucky so far and had other moms make some for me and at her competitions they have been selling them at a decent price.  One of the moms from last season has been making more and more and getting creative with her designs.  Since Madeline is a base and she is obsessed with the song "I'm all about that base" I wanted to get a bow made for her.  Jessica from Mckailee's Bow-tique didn't fail.  She quickly showed me a design and is going to create it in Madeline's new team colors.  I went a little crazy and ended up buying three other bows.  Can't wait to get them.  I may save one or two as stocking stuffers.

I finally signed Jonathan up for soccer.  He starts up again in January and he can't be more excited.  Lately during cheer practice their have been older boys playing soccer and he loves watching them.   Another benefit of competitive cheerleading especially with the gym we chose  is I will have my weekends back for the most part which allows for Jonathan to have his own activity.  The poor little guy is always dragged  taken to practice with his sister (I'm dying to get him this shirt).  Lucky for him there are other little brothers who are there and he ends up having a blast.  Last night he passed out in the car after running around for an hour and a half.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I'm looking forward to actually getting to relax on Sunday.  I have no where to go until 3:30.  Lets hope the kids let me sleep in.  

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