Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday

To say I have been slacking on my blogging is an understatement...On the bright side I have NOT been slacking on my workouts.  While my eating hasn't been bad it hasn't been amazing either.

For the exception of my birthday weekend where I skipped two days worth of working out the most I ever skip is one day.  I missed last Saturday because other then waking up earlier then usual I just didn't have a second to spare (and we all know how I feel about waking up early) even for the 30 minute workout.  We had Madeline's last game of the season, then went to lunch with the team, ran home showered and left to go to work the UM/FSU game.  I didn't get home until 1 the next morning.

Monday night after practice I came up with every excuse in the book not to work out.  I finally decided I would but that I would do the modified version of the workout.  I have just been so tired lately that I have no extra energy to push myself.  I started the workout, Total Cardio Fix, in which we use weights in conjunction with various cardio inspired movements.  I am proud to say once I got started my endorphin kicked in and I was able to do the full workout and didn't need to modify.

As for my eating.  I have been slacking on the weekends.  I would say ninety percent of what I eat is on track.  I'm pretty sure sweet potato fries isn't really a yellow on the 21-day fix.  But if I do splurge on sweet potato fries I try not to have any more carbs for the day.

Dinner lately for me has consisted of Greek yogurt and peanut butter.  While the program considers Greek yogurt a protein I'm not sure if that is all I should be having for dinner.  Once this week is over and I'm down to just competitive cheer I want to get back to cooking myself a more balanced dinner.  

Hope everyone has a good Hump Day.

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