Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I have been slacking on my blogs but happy to say that I have not been slacking on my workouts!  This past weekend was JAMMED pack with things to do but I was still able to fit in most of my workouts.  I skipped Sunday's yoga because I was just to tired to even stretch.  

I am on my last week of my third challenge and am looking forward to seeing what my results are this time around.  I hope its good because although 90 percent of the time I am good, I haven't been my best this round.  First we had Halloween and it was near impossible to say no to peanut M&Ms.  Thankfully all of them are gone from my house.  Unfortunately it was me who ate them all.

This weekend is my birthday and I know for a fact I am not going to be good.  While I'm not a huge eater so I'm not to worried about that, I do plan on having a couple of drinks.  Not to mention we should double up on workouts our last week but I just haven't had the time or the energy to get them in.  I am at least getting my one work out a day in so something is better then nothing.  

I hadn't done my ten minute ab workout in a while and I did it Monday night.  I love how quick those ten minutes fly by!  My abs are still sore today-two days later.  

I promise to get back on the band wagon after this weekend and stay strict until Thanksgiving when eating goes out the window.  I plan on working out that whole weekend though. No point in totally going off the deep end.  

Hope everyone has a Happy Wednesday.   

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