Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Trends...Happy pumpkin spice season

Although I live in Florida and do not get an actual Fall, I absolutely
love the season.  It has all my favorite holidays-Halloween, my birthday, (yes,
I consider that a holiday) and Thanksgiving.  Not to mention all the pumpkin
spice flavored items you can think of!

I also love the decor, colors, and idea of being able to wear layers and boots.
As a true Floridian any time the weather dips below 65 degrees I pull out
my boots and throw on a cute sweater.

For the past year I have been obsessing over the Stuart Weizman knee high
boots.  But with a price tag of $800 I can not justify the purchase.  I know
I wont get my monies worth.

Below are a few fall theme items that I wouldn't mind having in my closet,
house,nails, or kid's closet.  How cute are those leggings from Old Navy for
a little girl.  Too bad they don't have them in Madeline's size.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday.  The weekend is almost here!

Happy pumpkin spice season

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