Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's weekend

Happy Tuesday everyone. Hope you all had a nice Valentine's weekend. My hubby had to actually work Friday night so we went out Saturday. 

Friday I had my daughter's class party. She was a little disappointed she wasn't able to wear a special shirt (they usually can wear a holiday shirt on class party days) because it was their class picture. We made up for it by wearing heart bangle bracelets and a bow with hearts on it. 

Per our usual crafts we had the sticker sheets that the kids absolutely love. 

I also printed out sheets of bingo and we played a few rounds. Thank you Pinterest for having free printable sheets, more importantly twenty-two DIFFERENT sheets! Once again you saved my life. 

I ended up doing the donut idea for Madeline's class gift and it was a big hit. 

Friday night I spent it at my usual spot, kickboxing. They had a shred your ex theme night where they would tape a picture of your ex on the bag. Since I obviously didn't have a picture of my ex they taped a picture of our trainers on the bag. 

Saturday the hubby and I went to dinner. One of my best friends joined which definitely made for a fun night. The kids spent the night with the in-laws which was nice because I was able to sleep in. Something I rarely do. 

While others got to enjoy a long weekend I was back to work yesterday and back to three hours worth of cheer practice. As always my weekends seem to fly by. Thankfully it's Tuesday and only three more days left in the week. 

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