Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We're going to Disney World!!

I'm going to Disney World!
(When Madeline officially became an annual passholder)

I am a total kid at heart and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney.  I am not sure who gets more excited to go my kids or I.  We have the luxury of living in South Florida only three and a half hours away from Disney. Although not close enough to do day trips, it is close enough to go at least four times a year.  We also have annual passes so these trips don't break the bank.  If anything having the passes makes me want to go more often in order to get my monies worth.
We are picking up Madeline Thursday after school and surprising her by telling her we are going.  I have always wanted to do this and I have almost slipped several times.  I hate keeping secrets.
My kids are professionals when it comes to going to Disney.  I swear they behave better there then when they are at home! Jonathan was only two months old the first time he went. (Before anyone says are you crazy for taking a two month old to the germ infested place he only went for lunch and for a firework show.  My mom staid with him in the hotel the remaining part of the trip. ) We have gone at all times of the year, including the dreaded summer and they handle it like champs.  While others are having melt downs by noon mine are going strong (mommy and daddy not so much).  OK enough tooting of my own horn. 
Now I need to start my many to do lists and organize myself before we leave.  Follow me on instagram (Alexandradanielle13) to see pictures of our trip.

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