Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Disney Hangover

I am finally feeling like myself again.  Am I the only one that feels like they need a vacation from their trip to Disney? We left for Disney Thursday afternoon after we picked up Madeline from school.  Her reaction to the news was priceless.  She immediately wanted to call her Grandmother to tell her the good news.  "Grandma I'm for real going to Disney!" Jonathan knew where we were going the minute he saw us packing up the car.  Nonetheless he was still excited.
We made amazing time and went to check into the hotel first so we could get our Magicbands.  (I was soo excited to get them) After checking in we went straight to Epcot, we didn't even stop at our room.  It was pretty cold that night and I of course busted out a pair of boots-any chance I get I do. 

I love the new Magicbands because you can set up your fastpasses before hand.  On the downside you are only able to have three fastpasses per day from one park.  For us over achievers who go to multiple parks a day was a negative.  Either way we made it work and it was nice to be able to get passes in advance for rides where fastpasses tend to run out.  Has anyone ever been able to get a fastpass for the Toy Story ride at Hollywood Studio? Usually we get to the parks at ten and they are all gone for the entire day.  I was thrilled to be able to get one this time around, because no ride is worth waiting an hour.  With a two year old boy that just is not an option for us.
The weather was amazing! Unfortunately I didn't fully pack for the weather.  Friday was still a little cold for us Floridians.  Doing the rapids ride at Animal Kingdom was a little chilly to say the least.

(Madeline's mickey leggings from forever 21 kids, top from old navy, sunglasses Ray Bans
Jonathan's top from old navy, shoes TOMS)

Saturday was gorgeous.  We went to breakfast and gasp actually took advantage of the hotel.  We went to the pool since our fastpasses didn't start till the afternoon. 

Our usual itinerary for our trip consists of getting up early, breakfast, hitting the parks (yes, plural parks) by ten-eleven, and eating through out the day, and returning to our hotel room around eleven o'clock at night.  For the most park we stuck to our usual routine but added some pool time since we were staying on property and Disney pools are amazing. 

In true Florida manner, after three days of low temperatures, the temps raised and was hot.  We did the rides and fast passes we had, grabbed lunch, and got on the road.  We got home at seven-thirty just in time for bed time. 
Since I already had taken Thursday and Friday off I had to go into work on Monday. To say I wasn't my usual pleasant self is putting it mildly.  I was exhausted!  Jonathan would wake up around eight-ish every morning even when he would go to bed around eleven every night.  Must have been the different environment.  Long days of walking (we do not take the tram because it is easier to walk because of our double stroller) and not eating my usual diet just left me drained.  I was able to leave work early Monday and went home to take an hour long nap.  Worked out even though it was the last thing I wanted to do, but after four days of not and eating junk I forced myself to. 
It is now  Wednesday and I officially feel like myself.  Next time we go to Disney will be next month for Madeline's spring break and Jonathan's 3rd birthday.  Thankfully I take the whole week off of work and can rest when we get back. 

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