Friday, March 14, 2014

Carnival Time

Yesterday was the official start to my daughter's school carnival.  Four fun filled days of rides, face painting, food, and treats.  I broke down this time and bought Madeline the four day pass since she has been doing good in school.  Even if we only go three days of the four it comes out more cost effective to buy the four day pass. 
The carnival opened at five yesterday and we got there right away to be able to enjoy the day since Madeline had a full day of school today. (Usually they have a half day but that was taken away.) The weather couldn't have been better! I am praying it says this way all weekend long.  There is nothing worse then walking around for hours in that heat. 
We had never been to the carnival on its opening night and I must say it is the best night to go! We hardly had any lines and it was mostly St. David Families.  It is so cute see Madeline run around with all her little friends.  Jonathan was not far behind having a blast himself.

Madeline with some of her friends 

Madeline and Jonathan on his favorite ride 

So this weekend you can find me at the Carnival.  Luckily Sunday I have an excuse to cut our time there short since Madeline has Girl Scouts.  Unfortunately for me I have to head back to the school around ten to take down all the decorations.  At least the hubby can come and help.
Happy Friday and Early St. Patrick's Day

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