Sunday, March 9, 2014

Calm before the storm

How is it possible that it is already Sunday night. Where does the weekend go?! In my case it goes in errands, laundry, practice, working out, laundry, eating, and usually at least one birthday party. 

 Nine out of ten birthday parties are usually for my daughter and not me. That girl has a busier life then I do. However this weekend the festivities was for one of my friends and I got to enjoy a girls night out. Now as I lay in bed-exhausted from spending two hours at the park- I think of the million things I need to do this up coming week I feel myself already stressed.  

(Those two hours are totally worth it)

On the bright side I do have a ton of fun things coming up. For the next year I probably have something major event going on every month.  Being in my late twenties this is when most of my friends are getting married.  I have at least four weddings coming up in the next year, two of which I am in.

The carnival for my daughter's school is coming this weekend and we are required as parents to volunteer a five hour shift per carnival (we have two a year).  I being the craft loving person that I am, am on the decoration committee.  I love it for two reasons; one is I love decorating anything and everything. Two, I get my shift over and done with before the carnival even starts.  Our group shows up on Wednesday and decorates and then we are done.  Which is nice because then I can spend the entire carnival with the kids and not have to worry about working throughout the day/weekend.
In addition to decorating on Wednesday my little princess is speaking in her class mass.  We have been practicing all week long.  So luckily I will already be at the school and can kill two birds with one stone.

Thursday night is family night at the carnival.  Its the first night that the carnival opens up and most of the families from the school go.  I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy the four day pass for Madeline so she can enjoy it with her friends.  Saturday my first wedding of the year.  Then Sunday we have clean up at night for the carnival.  Thankfully its the last one of the year and I wont have to do it again until October.  This is our third set of carnivals and I have a ton more to go being that Jonathan isn't even in school yet.

The weekend after that my best friend is coming down to go wedding dress shopping.  (I am the MOH as we refer me as since we both don't like how Matron of Honor sounds.)  More on that later but I can not wait to go shopping with her.  Last weekend of March I have my office's large ball that we have every year and at some point in time I need to find a gown to wear.  I swear by next year I am going to start a evening gown store with the amount of dresses I have started to accumulate because of all these weddings.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and stress less week.

P.S. it has been less then a week into lent and I realize that I do eat a lot of sweets.  That or because I cannot have them I am dying to eat every sweet possible and they are always around.

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