Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Round Up

This past weekend was a blast but has left me completely exhausted!  All well worth it though.
Friday afternoon I went to get my hair done to have something different for the summer time.  I ended up getting an ombre style and love it!  

That night my best friend arrived and we went to Rocco's Taco for a quick dinner.  I don't know about the Rocco's Taco near you but ours is always pack.  We didn't leave there till midnight.  Having a 5K the next morning going out was probably not the best idea.
Saturday morning came extra fast.  I gave my little ones a kiss good-bye because I wouldn't see them until Sunday and I was out the door.  My bestie and I looked like we hated life when we got to the race.  Thankfully the Run or Dye race if full of energy and we quickly got into the spirit.  It is definitely something I recommend doing.  It was so much fun even with the pouring rain mid race.  (The group of girls I did the race with and I decided to make it a yearly event.)

We rushed back to the hotel to get the remaining dye off of us-the rain help to clean us off a bit since my friend who does make-up was coming to do the besties' makeup.  I thought it would be a fun treat to have her get her makeup done for when we went dress shopping.

Dress shopping was a blast and emotional! It was amazing see my childhood friend look all grown up. We laughed, we cried, and she said YES to a dress! Later that night we went to dinner with her nieces so that she could ask them to be her flower girls.  They were beyond excited at the opportunity. 

Obviously a trip to Fort Lauderdale would not be complete with out a visit to Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.  Just like old times we danced the night away. To say Saturday was a long day was an understatement. 
Sunday we ended up canceling the other bridal appointment since she bought her dress on Saturday.  We went to brunch as planned and then went to visit my hubby at his hotel until they needed to head back home. (He is a bartender at a hotel on the beach)
I was then able to surprise Madeline and pick her up from Disney on Ice which she went to with her Girl Scout troop.  Her and her little friend ambushed me and ask to go to lunch because they NEVER see each other! So mommy who was beyond drained at this point and looking a like a hot mess since I had been lounging at a pool had to suck it up and went to lunch. 
Overall the weekend was a complete success.  I was happy to be home with my two babies who I missed tremendously even if I was only gone for twenty-four hours.  In two weeks I get to do it all over again.  This time I am heading to Tampa to go bridesmaid dress shopping.  I can't wait. 
Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good week to come.

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