Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Roundup

This past weekend turned into a three day weekend for me.  I needed an extra day to rest after spending the entire weekend at the carnival.  We ended up skipping the carnival on Friday, but made up for it on Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday I had planned on eating lunch prior to getting to the carnival since lets be honest none of the delicious food that is served at a carnival is ever healthy.  I was half way to there when I realized I had left Jonathan's ticket at home.  That is what I get for switching purses!  So instead of going to have a nice lunch at Panera and made a u-turn grabbed chick-fil-a (I feel like they are the healthier of the fast food chains) and went to grab Jonathan's ticket.  By the time I got everything it was about 2:30.  Jonathan hadn't napped which meant I was now committed to staying at the carnival till at least seven o'clock.  If I left any earlier he would definitely pass out in the car and then not get to bed till super late. Poor guy was a trooper and eventually passed out while playing on my phone. 
(In his sisters old stroller since his was in the other car. At this point he wouldn't have cares if it was covered in flowers.)

Sunday I tried to sleep in which didn't turn out to good. Madeline had Girl Scouts in the afternoon so we just hung around the house until I had to go pick up her friend who was riding with us.  I ended up having an extra ticket for the carnival so I invited her little friend to come with us after Girl Scouts.  The hubby ended up having to work so I volunteered my cousin to come with me so that she could help with Jonathan and take him on rides while Madeline made her rounds with her friends.  It is so funny to see the girls interact with one another.  They think they are so mature.  My mom came and took Jonathan home for me and I ended up staying till nine with the girls since they didn't have school the next day and then took her friend home.  I had to head back to the carnival to take down all the decorations as part of my required shift.  Thank goodness I didn't have to work on Monday because by the time I was done I didn't get home till almost 11:30-way past my bed time.

Madeline's school is always closed the day after the carnival for cleaning and take down.  I took advantage that my boss was away at a conference and took the day off too.  It was a beautiful Florida "winter" day.  We packed up and headed for the beach.  We had a wonderful time and I got a bit lot sun burned.  Thankfully it will soon turn tan and hopefully I do not peel. 

Overall it was a very fun weekend.  This weekend coming up my best friend is coming into town to go wedding dress shopping!  I cannot wait. The children will be staying with my in-laws Saturday night and I will be spending the night with my bestie at the hotel she is renting with two of the other bridesmaids.  Which means the husband has a night off to himself. 
 I also have my first 5K Saturday morning.  I ran a  little this weekend but I definitely haven't been practicing.  I'm hoping because I am active the three miles wont be a big deal.  Wish me luck!

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