Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Challenge update

Back in January I started a challenge with my kickboxing group.  I was supposed to either give up two to three things or add something that would benefit my health.  I decided to give up bread, drink more water, and add weights to my workout routine.  We were also supposed to work out at least three days a week at our gym.  For the most part I did pretty good. 
I recently started eating bread again.  I usually just eat it in the morning in the form of a whole grain english muffin.  Sometimes I will have a sandwich for lunch but that isn't very often.  I was very good about drinking more water, but I definitely think I could have done more.  (For someone who works out at least five days a week, walking to the water fountain is just to far sometimes.  Lame I know!)
The weight training was a completely different story.  I give myself a big fat F for that aspect of the challenge.  For the month if I did weights outside of my class three times is saying a lot.  I got a great app called PumpUp that will create workouts for you.  I liked it for a couple of reasons; 1) It's free! The paid version allows for the work outs to talk to you rather then you having to look at the screen to see when you should move onto the next workout.  This didn't really bother me since I'm doing reps I can just count and know when to move on.  When the timer goes off your phone will vibrate so that also lets you know to move onto the next workout. 2) You can design a workout to fit exactly what body part you want to focus on. 3) It walks you step by step through an entire workout. 4) If you want to you can post your results and it can be a little community if you want the extra motivation. 5) You can do the workouts from the comfort of your home. 
While I love the app I am horrible about following through.  If I could I would go to kickboxing every day of the week.  I know I am going to get a great workout, it is quick, and I am held responsible once I get there, and heck I'm paying for it!  The problem with working out at home it is easy to put it off or other things come up that make me put it on the back burner.  The other day I wasn't able to go workout so I did my workout on PumpUp.  I really am going to try and increase my weight training.  Wish me luck.
As for the end results of my challenge...I really don't know.  This was my first one and I didn't go about it correctly.  I need to measure myself so I can see what changes occur.  I don't need to lose weight just gain muscle definition so the measurements will help me see my progress.  With the help of lent I have started another 40 day challenge.  This time I have given up sweets.  I am starting out slow and adding weights once a week.  Last week I accomplished that goal.  This week I have it scheduled for Thursday.  Once again wish me luck!

(shirt from old navy out but similar one here)

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