Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Goal: To tone up and do more weight lifting
Update: While getting toned up takes a while and I probably wont have a good visual for some time I have definitely increased my weight training. (By weight training I mean my 15 pound dumb bells and kettle bell.)
Workouts: I got my six work outs in again last week.  With as busy I was this past week I am very happy I workout as much as I did.  Since I knew I was going to be away from the family most of the weekend I skipped going to kickboxing.  However, once we got back from dinner and put the kids to bed I did my PumpUp app routine.  Friday too I felt bad leaving the kids knowing I wouldn't be gone all day Saturday and most of Sunday so I staid home.  Madeline "helped" me do my PumpUP app routine again.  I love having her help me because then she gets the idea that working out is fun and hop fully she will want to be active too.  Saturday I did my first 5K and like I said in a previous post was amazing. Not only did I run most of the 3.1 miles but if you see the large hill in the background we had to run up hill. (Those were the parts the bestie and I walked.  We didn't want to bust our ass right before going dress shopping!) Sunday I took full advantage and rested.  Monday I was back at it and yesterday I did a boot camp that kicked my butt!

Eating: My eating habits this weekend weren't their best.  Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had at least one drink.  (Usually more) Friday my friends got in late and I met them at Rocco's Taco an amazing local Mexican Resturant.  While I didn't eat with them because I had eaten earlier I picked at the amazing chips and guacamole and had a Margarita.  Saturday wasn't horrible except for a drink at lunch, a venti coffee to keep me going, and then a few more drinks at night.  Thankfully I was able to reframe from the late night pizza run.  Sunday we went to brunch where I had peanut butter and jelly pancakes-enough said! We all know my obession with peanut butter.  They were worth every single calorie.  Not to mention the unlimted mimosas and then a pina colada when we got to the beach.  What saves me from all of this is I usually do not eat like this and I sure as heck don't drink like this very often.  Every know and then its ok to have these types of weekends as long as we don't make it a lifestyle. 
Homework for this week is to get a new scale and finally get to taking my measurments.

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