Friday, January 24, 2014

30 day challenge

As if I wasn't already crazy enough I have decided to do a thirty day challenge at my gym. The main idea is to make a fitness goal you would like to achieve.  It will be a group challenge in which the members of the group will help motivate each other.  There is also more of a sense of  accountability in this group challenge because we need to post updates to the group page. I am excited for the challenge (I say this now before it has started) because it is solely about giving up stuff, but also about adding something to your lifestyle that is beneficial for your health. 

I have decided to give up breads, it really is the only "bad" thing that I eat on a regular basis.  Don't get me wrong I indulge now and then with a sweet, but it really wasn't enough of a sacrifice to give up sweets. I am also including two days worth of weight training to my exercise routine and making myself drink more water.  In addition we must train with the other members of the challenge group three times a week.  I'm usually at my gym at least three times a week anyways so that isn't a burden.  Each week the instructor will give us different things to do to incorporate to the work out. 

I am trying to wrangle one of my friends to do it with me to have that additional support.  The convincing isn't going very well at the moment.  Lets hope I can change her mind.  I will keep an update on how it is going.  I will also post a before picture so that I have additional accountability.  Wish me luck!

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