Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is it the weekend yet?

How is it already Sunday night?!? Where do my weekends go? Last weekend I wrote about wanting to just enjoy doing nothing. This weekend it was the complete opposite. 

Saturday was the "most relaxing" day. It consisted of our usual morning routine. I go to the gym at nine. I wake up at eight because I set out my daughter uniform so that my hubby can drop her off. (Some people think eight is considered sleeping in for parents but I'm not a morning person so eight is the earliest I can possibly do.) after the gym I head to meet my hubby at Madeline's practice. I take over and he heads off to work. My mom stays with my youngest most of the times.  We are done by 11:30/11:45. This weekend we ran home because it was a longer practice to get ready to go to lunch with a friend. After lunch we had to deliver our pre-ordered Girl Scout cookies. 

Today we had two birthday parties to go to. I can't imagine once Jonathan is old enough to start going to parties. I'm going to be pulled in a million directions. After the parties I had to go pick up more cookies to sell. I try to only keep what I know I'm selling in the house to keep the temptations at bay. Since I wasn't home all day I have ordered pizza and a salad for mommy to be delivered.

As I set here waiting for the pizza to be delivered ( who is already half an hour late going on an hour and a half) my brain is already scrambling to think of all the stuff that needs to be done for the upcoming week. Jonathan is running circles with no end in site. Our dog is right behind him. Madeline is practicing her back bends. So I'm wondering when does my weeknd start? Maybe next time I'll get a weekend. 

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