Monday, January 13, 2014

Making Mommy Friends

My husband and I got married and started our family at a young age. Not sixteen and pregnant young but early twenties young. Which for today’s standards might as well have been sixteen and pregnant. Of our group of friends we were the only ones married and definitely the only ones having a baby. We were just about to graduate college so for most of them weddings and babies were the last thing on their minds. They were still interested in partying like rock stars.

Fast forward to my daughter starting pre-school and I thought I would make a ton of new "mommy" friends. This was not the case. Since I had started young, most of the other moms were at least ten years older than me, and although moms like me they were at different stages in their lives. So rather than give up and just got very involved in my daughter's school. (Granted they require us to "volunteer" twenty hours.) I became home room mom and started getting to know the other moms.

Meanwhile my core group of friends started to slowly get out of the party scene which allowed for more hanging out but then I had my second child which made it difficult all over again to connect with them. I had two babies while they weren't even in serious relationships. (This showed me who my true friends were)

At the end of my daughter's kindergarten year party one of the moms suggested for a few of the other moms and I to take our daughters to try out a recreational cheerleading squad for the local city. It was truly one of the best choices I made. My daughter loved it, was active physically, and learning to work as a team. I on the other hand really got to know the other moms who went to our school and even met a few other moms whose daughter's cheered with mine. We would spend so much time together during practice that we really built great friendships.

I know how a great group of moms to hang out with. We have taken mom's trips and try to do monthly girls night out. I still have my core group of friends who are slowly starting to get married and slowing down. I get the best of both worlds now. So long story short. If you are a young mom and perhaps in a different place then your normal friends look into putting your children into sports. It is not only great for your children to getting into an activity but you could possibly build some great friendships.

If you have any other suggestions of how to meet fellow mommys please let me know.  Have a great day everyone!

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