Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Round Up

I have been MIA for a week. I wish I could say it was because I was off on a fabulous holiday vacation with no internet or cell phone service.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  Last Monday I woke up with one of the worse back spasm ever.  That lasted till  about Wednesday.  In between the pain I had to work on my presentation for my master's that I needed to present this past Saturday.  Finished that by the grace of God and Thursday as the day progressed I felt my body shutting down.  By the evening my entire body ache and my throat was on fire.  Friday wasn't much better and my boss actually sent me home because he said I have a fever.  

Saturday I woke up bright and early still with a sore throat but no aches thankfully.  I dragged myself to my presentation.  I am officially done!!! I swear that was the cure because I started feeling better as the day went on.  Madeline had been invited to a friends house to hang out at the pool.  We went over and ended up staying the entire afternoon.  Jonathan had staid with my mom because with the older kids jumping I was nervous for my little dare devil to get in the way.  Since we ended up staying longer then expected I ran to get him and he played inside with all the toys.  They were all "new" to him so he was beyond thrilled playing with everything while the older kids swam.  

Sunday I tried to sleep in but since Jonathan had gone to be earlier then usual he was up earlier then usual.  Knowing that soccer starts up next weekend and really ends my chances of ever sleeping in on a weekend I took my time getting out of the house. By the time we finally left the house it was lunch time.  We went to eat then went grocery shopping and to buy Madeline her supplies for camp that started today.  When we finished it was close to four o'clock and just in time for the afternoon thunderstorms to start.  While grocery shopping I bought the kids peanut M&Ms and told them we would have a "Movie Night".  After we got home I made them popcorn and had them pick a a movie each.  

Now that I'm done with school I thought I would have all the free time in the world and then I remembered that I have two kids in two different sports and a husband about to go into law school.  Jonathan starts soccer Sunday and Madeline has her cheer kick off party of course on the same day.  I'm the cheer team mom so that is my latest project.  Is it December yet and I'll have a husband back for two weeks and I get vacation? 

Hope everyone had a good first weekend of summer.  

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