Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I am very proud of myself for even getting workouts in this past week.  One of my best friends came into town to celebrate her 30th which meant my usual Saturday workouts were out of the picture.  We staid at the beach all weekend long and I was dying to go running along the beach.  When my usual alarm went off on Saturday morning my body was up and ready to go.  I should have but instead I convinced myself that I never get to enjoy sleeping in.  I turned off my alarm and turned over.  Every now and then its find to skip a work out and let your body rest.

 Friday although I didn't make it to my usual bootcamp I was lucky that my morning bootcamp class actually turned into a circuit/bootcamp/kickboxing class.  We incorporated kickboxing for three stations, abs for one, weights for two, and pushing of the darn bags for another.  After two minute rounds and we went through all stations our instructor switched up a few of the stations and we did it all over again.

Last night I wasn't able to do bootcamp either because I had a cheerleading committee meeting.  I am hoping to maybe take in an additional run this week to make up for it.  Other then missing my usual Saturday and Tuesday I did good and went to kickboxing the other days.

Food is a whole other story.  We went out Friday and Saturday night.  Drinks were definitely involved and lots of food.  Friday I was good and had chicken and a salad to make up for the drinks I knew I was going to have.  Saturday at lunch my hubby and I split an 84 ounce margarita.  Don't judge we were being cost effective.  Knowing I was drinking I had a salad with shrimp to off set the tons of calories in the drink.  Saturday night we went to Rocco's taco and after waiting two hours to be seated by the time the guacamole came I dove right in.  I ordered three small corn tacos with shrimp so that wasn't to bad.  The three margaritas probably weren't the best option.  But hey it was my friends birthday weekend and it was time to celebrate.  

I've been trying to eat better throughout the week.  Monday I made "healthy" version of mac and cheese.  I got it from Bethanny Frankel's show.  It called for one cup soy milk, but I only had 2% so I used that, instead of a ton of cream you substituted butternut squash to help thicken it, then three different low fat cheeses.  Throw it over whole wheat pasta and you are set. Tonight we made turkey chili. 

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