Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Friday but just knowing all that is planned for this weekend and knowing I wont be able to sleep in, is not helping me get excited for it.  Oh the life of a mom!

It is carnival weekend at Madeline's school and while she is thrilled I could definitely do with out.  Although I am not the biggest fan I am happy that I am able to volunteer with the decoration committee and spend the day around the school.  I love that at this age she still gets excited when she sees me on her way to mass.  Since I was at the school I also picked her up and she is thrilled when mommy picks her up.  She also loves being able to tell her friends that her mom helps with the decorations everyone sees through out the carnival.  I hope these days of thinking mom is cool lasts forever!

We are in the heart of competition time for cheerleading and it has consumed my life.  Is she sixteen and can drive herself yet?! No wait, I don't want her to grow up to fast.  I am constantly torn with this.  Anyways...I am very proud that Madeline realizes the importance of her commitment to her team.  Thursday nights the carnival opens and its unofficially known as St. David's night.  Most families go and it is less crowded since it is a school night.  However, Madeline understood she had practice and was understanding that she would not be able to go.  I thought I was going to have an argument on my hands but we didn't.  I even asked if she would rather go support the other teams Sunday at their competition or go to the choir performance and she picked the competition.

I am feeling more and more certain that she will do well this year with competitive cheerleading.  She was allowed to make up her own mind because I definitely do not want to be one of those crazy pushy moms.  Lucky for her the performance is later in the afternoon and I think we will be able to do both.  Since she did choose to support her team I will suck up driving all around Broward County and chauffeur her around.

I must give my hubby a shot out for passing his mid-term and finishing his first of many papers through out his law school career.  He may barely know his name or what day of the week is but he powered through and kicked some butt!! We are very proud of you.  On an even higher note we will be spending some much needed quality time with him this weekend.  What he doesn't know yet is that I will be enlisting his time to help clean up decorations on Sunday night.  

Hope everyone has a good weekend and I'm hoping the weather clears up here.  It has been raining all week long but its supposed to clear up just in time for a nice weekend.  


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