Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

Since I have started the 21-day fix challenge we have been eating in a lot.  (My wallet is very appreciative of that.  I used to eat out for lunch ever day.)  For this "life-style change" as the program likes to call it, you really must prep your food.  While it possible to eat out and stay on the system it makes life much easier if you organize what you eat ahead of time.  It takes the thinking out of eating.  

 For the most part my breakfast and lunches stay the same.  Breakfast I tend to eat two different things.  The days that I have cheer until late I usually have a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and half a banana.  On the days that I know I am having dinner at home I drink my tropical strawberry shakeology.  Some people in the program just mix it with water or almond milk and are good to go.  I have to have mine like a smoothie.  I add a scoop of the mix with frozen fruit and water into my bullet and give it a spin in two seconds its done and it tastes really good.

For lunch I make a salad every day.  I switch up the veggies but for the most part it stays the same.  Right now I am in a pickled beet kick and add them to every salad when I can.

Dinner is when I get to "spice" it up when we don't have cheer. That isn't very often so I still like to have a quick and easy receipt to whip up.  Last week my mom helped me out while I was at one of Madeline's activities and  threw several chicken breasts in a pot filled with low sodium chicken broth and spices and let simmer for a few hours. When they were done cooking she shredded them and left them in the fridge for me to warm up throughout the week.  (I really have a great mom!)

To warm it up literally took five minutes.  The chicken still had some of the liquid from the broth so I didn't have to add anything to the small frying pan.  I just let the chicken warm up.  One night I added Pete's Hot sauce and it was out of this world.  Another night I just left it plain.  Add a couple of veggies to your plate and you have a delicious meal.  

With the shredded chicken you really could do anything.  I need to make more and this week I'm thinking chicken tacos.  Madeline is picky so I think I'll throw her chicken into a corn tortilla and make a quesadilla for her.  

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